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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I think this absolutely sounds like a Gaga album. Almost to a fault in some places (I've gone back and forth on how I feel about the stuttered hook on Plastic Doll in the last two months), but it has her GDNA all over it.

    I also think that calling it her MDNA is...a tad much, but there is some validity in the idea that these songs probably passed through one or two too many sets of hands.
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  2. My comparison to MDNA is not exhaustive where I’m saying it’s exactly the same, rather comparative in their usual militant control of the project lapsing. As @Andy French put (in a better way) - the songs have just passed through too many hands to the point you’re not sure where the chain quite starts and she begins to feels lost. I don’t think for a second that was a decision made by anyone but her - but I think it’s at the detriment of the material.

    And I must stress I don’t feel this way about the entire album. There are some real standouts for me that are great additions to her discography and the lyricism is consistently great all the way through. It’s really the production that lets it down for me and feels so faceless. At it’s lowest points it’s just... shite. But that’s just my taste - if it’s the album she wanted to make and is happy with, good for her. I just think it sorta sucks and it’s not for me.

    Again, that isn’t connected to the way the campaign has been managed, although I can see a through line of a lack of... passion, is the only word I can think of, about the project.
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  3. It's her Hard Candy. Her MDNA comes next with the inevitable directorial debut and skincare line.
  4. I really like the demo versions of Free Woman & Rain On Me. The album would be a lot better if everything didn’t sound so sterile.
  5. Don't joke about that.
  6. RMK


    One makeup line is enough.
  7. Yeah, I really struggle to hear anyone else over these tracks. I think it’s easy to forget that this is Gaga’s brand of pop through and through. For better or worse, it’s a more dance version of what she was doing on The Fame or a streamlined ARTPOP, but that sound is so attached to her that anyone else doing these songs as is in 2020 would just be asking for Gaga comparisons.

    I can actually get behind this since Hard Candy is great, and while it still has Madonna’s (M)DNA, there is validity to thinking it’s more of a producer’s album. But personally I don’t see that as a bad thing.
  8. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Is the song in that TikTok ad even from the album? Why...wouldn’t it be?
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  9. Having had two months to sit with Chromatica, my biggest disappointment - aside from her having the worst luck and timing for the campaign as a whole - is still that it just didn't hew close enough to the 90s house moodboard that has been spoken of so much. It's there - Alice, Rain On Me, Replay, Enigma, and Babylon all manage to authentically capture that, in my opinion - but not as cohesively as I had hoped.

    As a whole, I still really enjoy this as a unit for the most part, but the songs that really hit are the ones that actually follow what the PAPER piece called "clean, crisp breaks indebted to 90s house music".
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  10. In terms of her own personal investment and interest in actually promoting the end product, this is most definitely her Britney Jean.

    At least the music is considerably better and she sang all the songs herself.
  11. Now that is too far.
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  12. Y'all hear sumn
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  13. It was a toss up between Britney Jean and Glory. Rather than promoting a make up line over her latest album, Britney chose to promote Vegas.

    At least those new make up photos are a serve. And the TikTok video is new content... can someone slap Babylon over it so that we can say we got a third video?
  14. Wow did you just list all the good songs except Free Woman.
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  15. The one on TikTok weirdly isn’t hers, but I think the one she tweeted is either the “Alice” remix or Honey Dijon’s “Free Woman”

  16. RJF


    Does anyone really believe that she felt it was time for an album? From everything that she's spoken about in terms of this album process, I got the feeling that she was still right in the middle of whatever turmoil she was going through rather than being at the far-neater-to-package-for-press-junkets other side of it like she claimed. Even the recording process sounded... off. Her outside chain smoking while producers worked downstairs. The way she couldn't stop crying when Ariana was in the studio. It doesn't really sound that cathartic. It sounds painful, and something that she did because she didn't know what else to do, and something she's maybe still processing.

    I cannot stress enough how much I hate conjecture about an artist's mental state (as seen in the Madonna thread this week) but the way she's spoke about this album has never fitted with how it arrived to us, and how she's gone on to treat it. It's just been bizarre, and I can only think back to that post I made at the top of the year about her priorities every time I ponder on how this album campaign has gone.
  17. Free Woman is good! I just don't think it follows what was touted as a "90s house album" in the press material all that much - it's like Sour Candy in that the influence is very faintly there, but not nearly on the level of the other songs I mentioned. The drops don't exactly help, and are probably my only complaint about the album version, because in all other respects - vocals, especially - it really did improve on the demo for me. The production of the demo with the album's vocal take would've been a serve.
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  18. Tea, and it's actually made me really excited to see which pop girl is going to look at this project not quite getting The Nineties House Music Sound over the finish line, seizing the opportunity and fully running with it. That playlist followed by Bloodp*p's neutered ProTools approximation of it a few days later just really stung.
  19. I genuinely have wondered lately how much BURNS having more involvement in this album would have changed things. That part in the Rolling Stone piece that talks about how he was obsessively sending references, hanging up actual 90s rave posters in the studio, etc. leads me to believe he (and Boys Noize, going from the two demos we have) understood the sound they were shooting for better than probably anyone else involved with the record.
  20. Maybe Disco Dua can make this the next part of her Future Nostalgia Journey.
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