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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The last thing we need is more weird pissing contests from gays between the two of them.
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  2. Where is that clip of all the background tunes used in the makeup ads? I remember some of those going hard.
  3. I do get the sense of “loss” over the lack of 90s house references, but it’s all still pretty focused on that and the early 2000s overall. I honestly think they just said 90s because it’s easy for locals to get, but BURNS went into detail in some interview and mentioned Eurodance as well, which is probably the strongest influence here.
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  4. Oh, I hear that for sure as well on the rest of the album - 911 in particular screams Eurodance by way of early-00s Gwen.

    And although I just said Rain On Me and Replay get the 90s references right, which they do, I hear a ton of turn-of-the-millennium influences in both of them as well, Cassius being the biggest one.
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  5. I would also put money (but not much, because...*gestures vaguely at everything happening right now* dd) on this being Honey's mix of Free Woman. The key checks out and the drums are very her.
  6. I also think the album was more CeCe Penistony at some point and then they Spotify-friendly / radio friendly-ied it.
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  7. I don’t have much of an attachment to what the “original 90s sound” was supposed to be and I don’t like either of the demos that leaked, but I do like the production we ended up getting. I even came to love the Royalty Free Woman drop.
  8. RMK


    It's grown on me, but if picking a song that sounds like Gaga the least sonically, it would be Free Woman. The delivery and lyrics are great, but that plod-along drop feels boxy and manufactured. Songs like Highway Unicorn or Black Jesus have synths and quirks all through them; they literally grab you and put you in their soundscape. It isn't that she needs to chase that same creation or veer away from a more chilled-back approach, but the result in Free Woman just doesn't feel distinctively her.

    I'd argue the Boys Noize demo had potential to capture the essence of Lady Gaga better.
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  9. I think for the first time it felt that the vision for the sound itself didn't really come from Gaga and it was way more presented to her and "oh this is good yeah it will work" instead of her really trying to explain what she wanted to achieve and having her own references and being inspired by the core of things. It doesn't mean she didn't work hard or believe in it. It also sounds a bit easy for "Yeah, this is dance pop, it WILL work" to shut the PopGa brigade, while also showcasing her song-writing work and helping her to express what's going on. It's still her, and personal, after all.

    I don't really believe or blame BloodPop for the "watered down" Chromatica, especially since he was the one working on it from the beginning and probably bringing people together. People like Boys Noize and Sophie, Burns and some more like Hana and Grimes that actually mentioned listening to stuff from the album. I tried to word this before about feeling it was great he managed to put some connections here, even if they don't sound all-that-interesting in the end. But I guess he was there when they worked the early 90s demo for Free Woman, and same for the wonky Rain On Me (solo) demo. Babylon snippets also point the song had a way more "techno" (can we call it like this?) but thank god the classy-house version is what we got in the end.

    I find it interesting to imagine this album started to take shape with Enigma, Babylon, Alice, Free Woman, Rain On Me and Stupid Love. We have early concepts for 4 of these, and most of them (final versions) also fit with the description about "some grit, analog, house music". What happened in between changing some and putting more music together is another thrill.
  10. I can see how it comes off that way, especially since BloodPop said that the only criteria Gaga had early on was that she wanted to make a dance record, which is a very vague agenda to follow when there are so many facets to dance music. But I think he said they ended up honing in on the 90s and early 2000s most because they had become obsessed with rave culture and studying all that. Personally, I’m glad the entire record wasn’t entirely 90s influenced, just because I feel that has been mined so heavily in pop for the last several years. Throwing in early 2000s Eurodance elements is a classic “uncool” Gaga move, in my opinion.

    RE, the “grit” comment that keeps coming up: I think that was something
    that mainly applied to Burns’ work. I’m not sure it was something meant to be there across the entire project (even if they worked analog throughout), since that comment came from him. I’d argue that even after the final polish of re-recording, mixing, and mastering, that “grit” still comes through on his tracks, maybe because they were built on old samples. You can practically hear the noise from the Diana Ross vinyl on “Replay”, same with “Rain On Me”
  11. I think the MDNA comparisons are on point. I'm Addicted and Love Spent slide quite well in a play list with 911 and Replay.
  12. That’s... not why they were being made nn
  13. Yeah I mean, the Free Woman demo is kinda frustrating to hear because it totally would've shined more if it totally leaned in on the 90's house references and Bloodpop didn't water it down. I do wonder what his mindset was trying to turn the songs a little more into modern radio. I do actually love the way they steered Rain On Me to be a little more 2000's from the demo.

    Alice hits the nail on the head for me though.
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  14. You probably just answered your own question.
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  15. This. If you play the demos and the released songs - both are great. Just that the later ones can be played on the radio and not sound too out of place on a Hot Hits playlist.
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  16. Honestly the fact she had a surprise performance with Ariana planned to be done but cancelled last minute is actually a positive thing to take. That means they definitely have plans to resume the promo and that she wants to perform the record.
    I feel like we'll get things this month (especially knowing ROM is slaying the VMAs nominations).
  17. I’m not expecting anything else beyond the VMAs this month. Unless they pull something together quick and throw it online. I’m pretty sure the Drag N Drive appearance was meant to make up for a performance her and Ari were planning to film at a popular gay club pre-lockdown, which might be why it was in a public setting instead of pre-taped on a closed set. A middle ground would have just been to pre-tape it anyway and premiere it at the event and then put it up online but oh well.
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  18. Wellll hopefully she performs for the VMAs and she can start teasing this sometime soon so it's not just another 29 days of silence.
  19. The comments about the makeup nn.

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  20. Haus Labs lowkey making noise on the front page of Reddit as well as on twitter for the before and after photos of the new Haus Labs shoot

    I love this era so much!
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