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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I’ve been indifferent to Haus Labs, but muffy sis, the mental gymnastics. Smile and nod y’all...
  2. Well, that's why I said to me.

    Maybe I'd have more of an issue if we weren't talking about a video that isn't meant to be paused and stared at.
  3. Bop! Maybe if Gaga did this her make up wouldn't be shit!

  4. I don't see the correlation, but this is a bop


    Edit: Oh I get it now nn
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  5. Replay is genuinely brilliant from the sample on up. I’d be interested to see more of what Burns could do at the helm, rather than him (mostly) helping to work on pre-existing tracks.
  6. I was just about to post this. The original track slowly descending into the chaos that is “Replay” is actually kind of a serve. It’d make a cool tour mix in another dimension.
  7. I actually wasn't able to hear the sample until this clip. Thank you!
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  8. I was just thinking the same thing......I mean if anything it's relatively subtle in comparison with some retouching I've seen.
  9. Oh yes mama.
  10. BURNS need to be the next big pop girl producer. The work he's done with Britney and Gaga shows nothing but promise.
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  11. Oh that is amazing!

    And I'm listening to this album for the first time on my good Bose Headphones and wow - even Stupid Love sounds better (and richer).
  12. Sam


    We stan the best track on the alberm x
  13. Gaga seriously needs to have a clear-out of the Haus.

    Working with her “friends” has done her no favours during this album campaign. From Bloodpop’s productions, to Nicola’s styling, to... whoever did that make-up... it’s all dated and dusty. She needs a re-invention.

    But the talent is still there, the songwriting, the vocals. There’s even some semblance of a vision with this album, but she needs a stronger team around her to see it to completion. Or just fucking go it alone. She’s shown her production ability with Venus.
  14. People can blame those around her all they want for how the album or the campaign has turned out, but at the end of the day she’s not being forced to wear what Nicola gives her or to go out in the makeup Sarah puts on her face (and we know Gaga actually likes it messy, so). She’s going to be calling the shots regardless of who’s there. And based on what she’s said over the last several years post-ARTPOP, the core team around her are the only ones keeping her together, and not just in terms of her career, but from very seriously going off the deep end and potentially doing real harm to herself.

    And although I don’t necessarily see eye to eye with @RJF when it comes to his opinion on the album, he has made several points about Gaga just sort of wanting to be comfortable these days and playing things a bit safe after the trauma she’s been through.
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  15. Nicola has kind of been killing it though, no?
  16. The few looks we’ve gotten this era have all been handled by Marta, who is new to the Haus (so there’s a fresh face). She’s in the “Stupid Love” drive-thru video and also just arrived back in L.A. the other day

    Nicola seems to be working more as a creative director.
  17. The problem isn't anyone else's taste level at this point. It's her's.
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  18. Ahh I see. It does still seem like the creative direction for this album has been great, we just sadly haven't gotten as much as usual.
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  19. Basically. She can get the best of the best and it’s not going to matter if she’s just going to turn everything down – the end result will look/sound the same as it does now because that’s how she likes it. Looking at the outfits they chose for the “Stupid Love” video on the rack/in rehearsals vs how they ended up in the final product is a good example. Or how Sarah did her makeup on AHS vs how it’s done any other day, etc. The list goes on...

    And then we enter “well maybe she shouldn’t have as much control” territory, but then people don’t seem to like how that worked out when it came to the album and her lack of production credits, and then we’re back at the beginning dd
  20. If she has reached a point of where she wants to be comfortable doing her own thing, releasing some music, and take a more casual approach to things that’s her own prerogative. She’s reached a point like other female popstars where she’s already achieved so much, by such a young age, that she probably doesn’t have a strong urge to outdo her past endeavours or compete with her highest of highs. Nor does she have to. I’d be interested in seeing her take on more artistic challenges, whatever that may be, than being concerned about chasing monumental commercial success (which Chromatica has achieved)
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