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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. And that‘s our promo for August then.
  2. Is PopJustice about to be the new ‘an atrl insider said’. I love that they even build on it.
  3. RMK


    Remember, EYE-DENTIFY Gel Pencil Liners drop tomorrow!
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  5. It's the "Chromatica TV is officially on the backburner" for me

  6. While I do appreciate Googs' constant attention to social and political issues in the US, I am unprepared for her being connected to Biden. A hashtag about him being a pedophile was trending WW yesterday. I'd rather she just sit this election cycle out dd
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  7. If only we had seen this coming.
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  8. “A joint support campaign for Joe Biden’s presidential run”

    I know this was somehow inevitable but GOOD FUCKING LORD haven’t we suffered ENOUGH this “era”?
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  9. RJF


    She's just become... really bad at this. She has become a bad popstar. Even with a pandemic, even with a chronic illness, there have been ways around so many of the things that have plagued her career and basically made it a trail of truncated, abandoned ideas for the last few years, and she just doesn't fucking bother. Beyoncé has not had a traditional hit in years but her last three albums have been entirely rendered as movies. Taylor Swift has released four singles minimum from every album she's released this decade, all with videos. Katy Perry is in far worse commercial shape and pregnant but is playing her album campaign like that of a smasher. Even Rihanna before she bailed entirely on music was serving five singles from ANTI with multiple visuals. And that's just counting her quote-unquote contemporaries in terms of 00s/10s Big Pop Girls and not even touching how we have watched newer artists with far less resources serve us stunning content under the ridiculous conditions we've been under in the last few months. Gaga stans are getting shoddy make up ads shot ten months ago and trying to nibble on it as content. I can't.

    And I could forgive it all. She doesn't want to make videos any more? Fine. She wants to shove to the front of every cause going bleating empty platitudes? Fine. She wants to outsource her looks, her aesthetic, her ideas? Fine. As long you serve amazing music. But she bailed on doing that too and left her album in the hands of a fucking fool, and that has been the most unforgivable part of this absolute garbage fire of a year as a fan.

    She... really needs to examine what she wants to do in the future. She doesn't owe us anything, as we have been told endlessly in this thread as basic expectations of one of the biggest popstars of the 21st Century were slowly and repeatedly dropped and chopped to try and make what she was doing some kind of acceptable standard, complete with that absolutely shameful period where some of you were shutting down criticism by heavily implying that criticising Lady Gaga's album campaign was the same as criticising Black Lives Matter. You're right. She doesn't owe us anything... but we don't owe her anything either, and I'm not sure why I would invest in someone's career when they don't seem to want to do the same.
  10. Going straight from vital work with the Black Lives Matter movement into a Joe Biden campaign feels smack bang on brand.

  11. Yeah I don't know about any of that. I heard this (and all other info I get) from someone who works at a brand that just happens to crossover with LG (such as PR agencies, vendors, networks) and unfortunately, don't know any real "tea" about the campaign from a label standpoint.

    I'm glad they can use our knowledge to build theories though!
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  12. That user visits this thread with the same username yet never posts any of the same theories here.
  13. RMK


    Katy Perry's child could drop the same day her album, and she's gone on to create a strong campaign filled with visuals in place to cover her absence. Her album got delayed, and because of this she's doing even more to be engaged with her fanbase. And all of her work has mostly all been done in socially distanced conditions. She is nine months pregnant. I have respect for her.

    It doesn't feel like Lady Gaga is passionate about what she's releasing anymore. Her plans for the era fumbled, and she doesn't seem to be engaged enough to work around them. This comes after months of time, clearly a bunch of (failed) different ideas regarding visual content or performances. Regardless of how much success she's attained, lost, or regained, it always felt like the hunger was going to remain for more. Maybe it is, and has taken different forms, but where she's fallen within her own music career is confusing to me.
  14. i just noticed that.
  15. If that’s the case, can she just drop the Babylon, Free Woman and Sour Candy video and call it a day? I feel like it’s just silly “insider” sharing their “insider” info.
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  16. I know all the pop girls (including my own fave this time around nn) are gonna go rally for Biden but GOD this is going to be an excruciating 3 months.
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  17. Endorsing a political campaign next? Thrilling.

    I don’t get who that’s supposed to tempt into voting for Biden? No Trump-leaning voter is gonna see Gaga doing a piano ballad version of The Edge of Glory (2020 Election Version) and change their mind. American politics / elections never fail to amaze me.
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  18. Googs when the era started.
  19. Avon Lady Maga will literally do anything makeup or politics related this year if it gets her out of acknowledging that album, huh.
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  20. If anything, Lady Maga had all the Trumpers and Trumpettes in the bag with Million Reasons and Shallow.
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