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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Me looking at my toothbrush in February
  2. Queen probably own the rights to it

    I don't see her "blurting" anything, I'm pretty sure all the episodes have been pre-recorded. Certainly this week's has. Anyway, you don't need a subscription to stream it in real time, that's only for replays. Someone is bound to rip every episode and put it up for download.

    Preview for anyone who didn't catch it on the previous pages

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  3. GagaMediaArchives has been pretty rock-solid in archiving literally everything she's ever been on a set and/or in front of a mic for, so I'd keep an eye out on their website or YouTube channel
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  4. RJF


    I... will be surprised if this is any more in depth than anything she's said already, and doesn't end up careening off into just talking about crying in the studio instead of any legitimate influences that, quite frankly, cannot be heard on the record we got, but hope springs eternal I guess. "She acknowledged the album!" being the benchmark though.

    This is also just... late. The ship has sailed.
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  5. Sam


    I wish you would x
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  6. Bracing myself for mostly anus portal talk, but it would be nice to hear them discuss the sonic inspiration behind the album. I have a lot of problems with the way a lot of it is produced but I do think the references are present, if not well translated.
  7. And so have your posts here, why are you still checking in? I mean anyone can but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  8. hehehe the faux-outrage when cynics or critics descend on a first-page thread as if we weren't all feasting on the carcass of the Lover thread last summer, squatting in the Ava Max thread, talking shit about Selena's morose album... It's PopJustice, and it's Lady GaGa

    (Not to mention, it will be surprising if the interview is anything other than that, and it is late.)
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  9. She's going to be like "Let's talk about my new album Chromatica".
    Everyone listening: "new?"
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  10. “Let’s talk about my new album, Joanne is...”
  11. What? Really? That was the one clunky bit. The actual structure of the finished song is euphoric and perfect. When the chorus comes back in with the post-chorus layered on top... wig flew.

    The production is the only problem (and I even love that now ddd)
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  12. If feel there’s a difference between what happens here vs the collective entertainment & kiki’s in the Ava Max thread, while bopping a bit on a few select tracks there.

    While Selena’s on the other hand. That doesn’t even deserve any further comment.
  13. RJF


    It is late. The album has been out for over two months and had no support; now is suddenly the time to trot out a Beats Radio show? Album campaigns are time-sensitive strategies and - gasp! - businesses that can be discussed as having strengths and weaknesses. We discuss them in every thread on this forum every single day. Pointing out that this promo is late is... literally harmless. I realise you're in the group of people whose stance on Gaga at this point is basically, "A third single? Do you want her to DIE?" but somehow, I think she'll survive my words being on forum dot popjustice dot com.
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  14. It is late. But I'm glad something is finally happening. Here's to the third (?) era restart. Hopefully it doesn't quickly die off like that last couple times and they can manage to keep things rolling.
  15. It's late and too inside baseball to have any substantial effect on the commercial fortunes of the album. But it's a cute gift to fans and will hopefully provide some interesting insights into the creative process.
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  16. Say late again

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  17. Something something come inside me something something. What I heard while listening to that while trying to write a press release for work.
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  18. She probably got fed up with the complaints on her Instagram and told Bobby to quickly scramble something together to shut us up.
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  19. Not sure how this can be considered a restart of sorts but I'll take the crumbs she's spreading around. Hopefully there are some in-depth discussions about the album and its inspirations and the creation process and it's not just fluff to keep fans at bay.
  20. Janet's 2000s albums. <3
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