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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Out of all her albums Chromatica and Born This Way are the only ones I enjoy listening to from start to finish. Would I've liked her to be a bit more experimental and forward with her sound? Yes, that's the kind of music that appeals to me generally. Can I still enjoy it for what it is? Yes, very much.

    (well, except for Free Woman and Fun Tonight)
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  2. Sam


    Chromatica works just fine as a concept of a place Gaga created to escape her pain and nothing more.
  3. I was gonna like this post until the parenthesis.
  4. I really loved Chromatica's conept, I'd even go and say it's one of my favorites. It's the lack of visuals, interviews actual era that make me hate it.
  5. I just can’t help but imagine all the paparazzi looks we could have gotten that might have sold the concept a little better through looks.
  6. There's really two concepts: The main one, the one that works best is that Chromatica is how Gaga sees the world. The "kindness punks" and "tribes/haus" idea is more convoluted and kind of feels unnecessary. Like, she's explained what most of the colors stand for, but it's more of a question of what purpose do they serve within the album and the visuals?

    I imagine she wants to bridge the two, but I don't know if Gaga will ever have the attention span to ever properly build a world where characters beyond herself are involved. I guess we'll see, but I'm really fine without it.
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  7. Honey Dijon played Berghain garden today and I can confirm that her take on Free Woman is one to look forward to. Fantastic set, taking us to Chromatica AND celebrating Madonna‘s birthday. She’s fantastic. Hope they’ll drop her remix soooooon.
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  8. May or may not be coming this week

  9. I love that she just dropped it - the gays were very satisfied. Good career path if the pop royalty collectively lines up to get you on a remix.
  10. ... Do you know when the early version of Babylon is coming?
  11. No, but I'm not expecting it on Gaga Radio
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  12. Are you able to remember enough to tell if this was the mix?

  13. No, that song is called "Stomp" by 1WayTKT.
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  14. Oop, still a bop I guess.
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  15. Check the IG location story for Berghain, there's a small clip of it toward the end.
  16. I remember that
    I remember that
    I remember that, that I...
    I remember that
    I remember that
    I remember that, that...

    Still not over it.
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  18. My new tattoo
  19. My Rain on Me merch (all the physical formats) + 3 t-shirts arrived from the US today. They incorrectly declared the contents so I paid no tax (it should've been like... £40+).
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