Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Outdoors anything is safer than inside these times, no? Or...

Yes. But on the other flip of the coin, if it rains, or when winter comes, outside isn't an option.
BUT instead of fighting for indoor dining, he should be fighting for there to be some sort of restaurant financial relief so they can operate safely AND not worry about closing.

Anyyyways. I'm glad Gaga's mom seems... reasonable.
I don’t what happened but today, I’m in love with Chromatica. It must’ve been that performance. See what happens when she actually goes into full pop star mode.

I even think this is a better album than Artpop. AKAJSFFFFF
This is probably one of my favorite scenes/visuals ever in a Gaga video, but what is it even supposed to be? Her face in a TV monitor? Her head in a jar? Regardless, I love this shot!