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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I actually liked Elton on Sine From Above which shocked me greatly.
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  2. Release more Stupid Love picture discs challenge
  3. At least she looks good... Haus Labs though...
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  4. Watch that end up being a look from the video. Here for it.
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  5. She looks incredible, I'm glad to see her using the symbol again... I was worried it was just a throw on thing. I also love that it (to me) harkens back to the Artpop Mask.

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  6. I swear to god that better be a look from the 911 video.
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  7. From the user that brought you AI-generated Kylie Minogue comes AI-generated "Rain On Me"!

    Imagine if this is what the people on Chromatica listen to...
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  8. Why do they all sound so LQ thats ruining the fun
  9. Another shot from the Valentino campaign

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  10. She’s looking like she’s about to set a White Mercedes on fire.

    Need this to be released now, Gaga.
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  11. The collaboration we deserve.

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  12. #ChromaticaEra
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  13. ChromaticaTingz
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  14. tbf it's not really linked to album promo so i'm not that bothered about having to wait another 24 hours to watch a 90 second advert.
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  15. Oh wow she looks STUNNING here.

    Also, I kinda love the brighter speaking voice she's using here, she breaks it out every now and then. Sometimes she uses this lower, vocal fry filled speaking voice that can be kind of hard on the ears to listen to for a long period of time dd (her Zane Lowe interview is one example), but she sounds so good here?
  16. I’m very confused. Can someone explain what is going on here?
  17. An artificial intelligence program, or neural engine, that analyzes sound waves has been fed, or "taught," the sound file of Rain On Me. And then—using the patterns it recognizes or learns from that soundwave—it's being asked to generate new material based on those patterns. It doesn't know anything about language or music theory or even the different instruments in the song, so the results are unpredictable.

    I hope that makes sense? Here's a video that shows how machine learning works in more detail:
  18. The extended mix I didn't know I needed:
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