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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Attempt #3 kinda goes off though???
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  2. There are some choice-ass melodies throughout each attempt. Is it reallllly plagiarism to co-opt material from an AI?
  3. I think the difference is just weed.
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  4. These AI music things that have been popping up with increasing frequency freak me the fuck out.
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  5. Oh wow Attempt 3 is A bop. For a second you can hear the AI splicing together original lines from the song and reimagining it with new melodies: “It’s coming down on me, let it wash away” I JUMPED. The good sis AI is a Kylie stan. That melody is undeniable!!!!! It’s also scary that it can use a vocal take from Ari and Gaga and create an entire new voice.
  6. I couldn't be bothered to actually continue the transcoding / upsampling process. Jukebox is known for taking notoriously long with generating music.
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  7. The chord progression that comes half-way through attempt 1 kinda slaps, almost like an alternative "Replay"-kinda thing.
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  8. I’m late but you summoned me with this trash?
  9. Unsurprisingly, she looks stunning!
  10. The way she says Valentino in her most Italian accent is sending me.

    Lovely ad.
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  11. It’s a stunning shoot.
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    The way she goes silent for some time and comes back with a BANG
  13. The new Billboard shoot is truly next level Gaga. More of this please! The visuals this era (sans Stupid Love video) have all been excellent, but this, along with the Paper Magazine shoot, might be some of her best ever?
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  14. This look is a fucking SERVE. Queen of Chromatica is slaying.
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  15. I love that it appears the horn from her shoe on the album cover has been repurposed into a ring on the cover photo here.
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  16. Wow a cover! Serving literal artpop I love it.
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  17. The profile is fucking unhinged
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