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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I think the initial reaction on this forum was due to the 'false-advertisement' of what the album will sound like mixed with our individual expectation/interpretation of what House music in the 90s sounds like. I really don't think anyone from her casual fans had opinions about the production other than 'she's back to dance pop!!'.

    It is objectively a well produced album but it is also quite safe even though now we know that it was a conscious decision. The production compliments the lyrics rather than her taking risks with it. I think her most forward thinking album production wise was Born This Way. It really sounded like it came from outer space at the time. Joanne also really influenced the sound of many artists that followed the vibe back in 2017.
  2. Yeah I for one would have judged it differently if they’d just called it a return to dance pop. As an ode to 90s house the majority of it misses the mark and lands somewhere in that 90s/00s European club dance sphere - which is fine. But the Welcome to Chromatica playlist and their excitement of how authentic they made it to that period, paired with the record we got, is considerably at odds.

    It’s polished, well-made dance music, but I just don’t find a good portion of it particularly interesting, which is something I’ve never really been able to say for her work before. But she seems to be in a great personal space now with who ‘Lady Gaga’ is and her creativity, so I’m hopeful for the next one she can really dig her teeth into something with some more substance.
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  3. It’s all down to personal taste and expectations as always. Personally, I never expected her to rock the boat following A Star Is Born became as big as it did. Although I am shocked at just how European it all is. My first thoughts listening to it immediately shot to Eiffel 65 and Cher’s Living Proof nn. Which, again, considering the decidedly 90s sci-fi and surrealist imagery, obviously wasn’t an accident. She could have gone a bit more mainstream if she wanted, so it’s a very “Gaga” move that there’s something ever so slightly uncool about the album. Overall, it lands somewhere in the middle, so on that front their mission was a success and this is exactly the album they wanted to put out. I think a remix album (if they ever release it) would be a good opportunity to offer a different perspective, though. As someone who has never really been into Gaga’s mixes, this album is perfect for it.
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  4. LMX


    I screamed
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  5. They won’t.
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  6. That one kinda reminds me of Red One's old production tags he used during The Fame and The Fame Monster. I kinda can't hear the song without it.
  7. Are you guys talking about that weird stutter that appears throughout? Isn’t that some sort of classic rave sample along with the loon in “Babylon”?
  8. Yes! It’s more prominent in the intro but I do hear it throughout. I don’t know if it’s a classic rave sample, but I feel like it’s a perfect lead in to the song.
  9. I’m pretty sure it’s a flanged clap, not a horn.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. As I've re-processed 911 in the last couple days I've realized that the "patch the line" outro is very Born This Way, especially those harmonic synths.

    It's not like the tracks on Chromatica aren't hard hitting, I just think that there was a certain lively and chaotic quality to her songs that has been processed out at this stage in her career where her songs are now intricately and painstakingly mixed and mastered, especially given that her voice is much more front and center on this record and wouldn't be able to thrive as much on noisier tracks.
  12. This I can definitely see and agree with. I think people are probably missing that wall of electronic sound that Born This Way had, although Gaga ended up complaining about that and made comments about how her voice was getting lost, etc. so it’s not surprising to see from ARTPOP on that she’s streamlined her production ideas, made them less everything but the kitchen sink, and made her vocals the focal point.

    Personally I don’t mind, because I think Born This Way is her worst sounding album in terms of mixing/mastering (maybe because it was done on the road?), which is unfortunate since it is a fave. I’m aware that’s not a popular opinion and the wall of sound is part of its charm, which I certainly loved at first. It’s just not an element that I’ve found has aged particularly well. I’d love if she remastered it one day to show how she actually envisioned it sonically when it comes to vocals and production.
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  13. 1000%. Hair in particular desperately needs to be remixed and remastered.
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  14. I think you can make nitpicky comments about any of her albums, but at the end of the day, they're all solid #1 albums that we all have at least a few favorite songs off of. And i'd much rather have that than an entire album that is widely hated, like other artists sometimes have.
  15. It'd be a dream that she remix/remaster it for the 10 year anniversary, but I don't think that'd ever happen.
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  16. I honestly want to know if you guys find it easy to listen to Chromatica out of order or just one or two particular tracks. Because that's a huge no for me.

    It really is an experience, a journey, almost a reverse warholian expedition to my ears.
  17. Same. Although I know it’d absolutely be a divisive project because the album is so beloved. Any change would ruffle some feathers for sure. I just think if anything it’d make for an interesting comparison to the original album, especially if she ended up re-recording vocals with her expanded range and reworking some of the production.
  18. Re-recording the vocals would be terrible but I don’t see an issue with an anniversary release being “remastered” in a way that puts those eras vocals to the forefront.

    It is a horribly mixed album so I’d be down for a remaster, especially if she puts it out with uncensored versions of some of the songs.
  19. I can cherry pick easily. I don't really find Chromatica to have much that connects each song together beyond the lyrics. Sonically it's just a hodge podge of different kinds of dance pop.
  20. I get that but the original would still be there. I'd love to hear Scheiße have the heavy guitar that she implemented with her Coachella set. She could title the 10 year anniversary - Reborn This Way (ha).

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