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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This song is so bad.
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  2. Wow thanks for your input x
  3. Love this. The production reminds me a bit of Robyn, but it's got the Born This Way 80's sound.

    That said...does anyone else think there's a chance that this is an Aura type situation, and this was intentionally leaked for hype, and it's not actually the lead? A lot of the way this has panned out seems a bit suspect. I wouldn't be mad if it is the lead though. It's catchy and "safe" enough while still having a somewhat distinct, "Gaga" quality to it.
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  4. I think it has more commercial appeal than Perfect Illooshun did but I could see it following a similar trajectory of debuting relatively high and then free falling.
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  5. I think she’s been moved on into album seller territory, anyway, which is fine. Well, I guess she’s always been... not everybody has that. Hopefully her streaming numbers are better this time around after “Million Reasons”, “The Cure” and “Shallow” helped build that base up a bit.
  6. Although I like "Stupid Love," despite not liking the initial snippets, I do worry about how it'll chart, considering how different it is to what's currently on the charts. Considering that Gaga is currently busy with Enigma, she won't be available to promote it and gone are the days where Gaga could sell a song on name alone.
  7. Yeah that chorus is... well, it’s not... but the rest is sooo good.
  8. RMK


    Enigma comes back in April for a short leg. Promotion shouldn't be an issue on that front.
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  9. Oh, god. I read the 2019 dates, forgetting that we're now in 2020.

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  10. This is what all those years of begging for Fun FameGa back brought us.

  11. It’s not like there are a lot of promo slots available to promote it, or like they have a big effect on charts these days tbh. The biggest struggle will be, of course, radio. They were hesitant, and some even refused, to play “Shallow” when it was doing incredibly well on streaming/sales and smashing overseas.
  12. Of course commercial success is important, but it feels less relevant this time around considering what she accomplished over the past year and a half.
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  13. Those prechoruses were sent directly from a Boris Vallejo heavenscape. Definitely bopping to this.

    Glad she totally didn’t discard pop Ally as “Heal Me” and “Why Did You Do That?” were easily among my fav 2018 tunes.
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  14. Ah yes, we've hit all the check points for lead single leak day...
    Initial excitement, comparisons to other pop girls, and nitpicking every section of the song.
    This is the way.
  15. Getting a top ten single would be incredible but at this point in her career and considering current chart rules, trends, misogyny and ageism I don’t personally count it against any pop star 10 years in the game in their 30s if they don’t reach that
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  16. Hopefully this is not a lead single. It's not good enough. It sounds like a cute album cut at best and it actually sounds worse than it did in the snipetts. I didn't think it would end up sounding so overwhelmingly retro.

    I agree with whoever said that it sounds like a Kylie PWL song.
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  17. Very true. Her 2014-2019 ventures were incredibly smart....they helped pave her legacy and cemented her in the industry to the point where I don't think there are expectations on her to have quick lil hit singles the way it used to be.

    Basically, she really doesn't have much left to prove anymore.
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  18. I'm convinced the chorus is unfinished on the leak. There is just no way.

  19. I hope to god you’re right ddddd
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