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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Yeah, I can’t listen to it out of order. I often shuffle my entire library when cleaning or exercising, and when something like “Sine From Above” comes on and isn’t followed by “1000 Doves”, it genuinely feels off in the worst way. Each song fits and connects to the one before and after in a way that makes it hard to pull individual pieces apart. I don’t know if that’s a pro or con to the album.
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  2. Sam


    Yes please to a Born This Way rerelease with actual instruments and a re-mix/master.

    That would be meauxst pleasing to me in my fagreer x
  3. Went to Sephora too. Wonder if she picked up some Selena Gomez Rare Beauty.
  4. I've fallen head over heels for 911 in the last few days after not connecting with it initially. After seeing the video, the sound of the song now makes me think of a heart monitor - the midtempo beat with those slow, pulsating synths, contrasted with the rapid snares as a moment of cardiac arrest whatever. The way it builds tension to the chorus is wonderful, and while I originally found the melody a bit of a let down its subdued quality now seems to be one of its biggest strengths. Her vocal has that cool, subtued tone that almost reminds me of Heavy Metal Lover. The production reminds me of a more industrial Can't Get You Out Of My Head the way it plods along.

    What a treat. Really goes to show how far a video can go in reinvigorating a song, even a whole album. Like everyone else, I don't rank Chromatica among any of her best, but its strengths are becoming more and more apparent to me. 911 is certainly one of the cuts with a tad more of the personality factor I've come to expect from her as well.
  5. Oh wow. I mean we all know that professional success doesn't equal happiness but it's quite jarring that when we all thought she was on top of the world with the success of ASIB and all the awards and nomination she was personally feeling so down. Reminds you that we never really know what's going behind the scenes and behind the red carpet smiles.
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  6. With that being said - mental health is not linear. It's possible she was having the time of her life doing the promotional campaign for A Star Is Born, enjoying the awards success and planning for Enigma, but still feeling down in her personal life and unfulfilled once she was offstage.

    The timeline of her feeling down for two years is kind of confusing, but I don't think the current press tour she's on of being depressed for years means she hated everything that went on in her career. The Joanne tour was still a highlight, she was clearly very alive onstage, perhaps it was more what went on when she wasn't performing.
  7. I remember listening to Applause (and later on Do What U Want) for the first time and thinking that she never had songs that sounded so crisp, clean, and "minimal" before. I love the maximalism of Born This Way but it was definitely a refreshing shift.

    A remaster of Born This Way (or even more ambitious, a re-recording) would be really fascinating.
  8. It's in my top 3, maybe even top 2.

    Although, the era as a whole has been supremely misfortunate and I certainly wouldn't list the era as a whole among her best, The album itself I love.

    I do hope she puts out more visuals, and does more performances, that draw people back to the album and give the album more substance. Gaga has always been great at really expanding on an album with everything else. But without a tour, many performances, many music videos... It's understandable why people are put off by the album. But I think the more she's able to do, the more it will be loved.
  9. The 911 music video twist hasn’t left my mind yet. The end scene with the screaming is living rent free in my mind my GODDDDD.
  10. She did actually speak about having a hard time once filming was over and being depressed. She mentioned that she had essentially become Ally and that she even grieved for Jackson/Bradley when he died and she was on set for his final scene. She tried to shed the character after they wrapped by going back to blonde and bleaching her hair herself in her trailer, which is how she ended up frying almost all of it off dd


    I know there was a lot of speculation at the time that she had ended up checking into some sort of treatment center in Oregon once the tour was cancelled.
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  11. I can't remember when she said this, but she once mentioned how when everybody leaves at the end of the day and all of the cameras and lights are gone, she struggles with how lonely she is, that having to deal with herself is much more difficult than having to deal with the hundreds of people she comes in contact with every day. The dichotomy of being one of the most famous people in the world but still being so alone in her personal life was something she didn't know how to handle because it didn't make sense to her. I think she often struggles with her own struggles, if that makes sense. Like, she understands her privilege and so she feels like she shouldn't be allowed to be sad since she has everything she's ever wanted or needed. It's like she feels it's selfish to not be happy in a way, but at the end of the day she's still a human who has feelings and she can't deny those.
  12. This was in Five Foot Two, I just did a rewatch and I forgot how much I loved the documentary.
  13. She mentioned in that CBS interview she can't go to the grocery store, or sit at dinner with family without people coming up and just wanting to get a picture or something with her.
    I imagine it is very difficult to not be able to be a normal person, or be treated as a human.
    Remember when that one fan in the wheelchair became part of the Haus - wasn't that origin story that they met at a meet and greet and she asked Gaga simply "How are you?" and she was moved by that? Because she feels like she's always needed for something - but not many people feel her out on a personal level.

    It's definitely a downside of being who she is. But i'm glad she's worked to focus on the good stuff she does in her life, and instead of being resentful of her songwriting, to be appreciative that it is there for her. It's really a full circle moment because in 2008 she would talk about devoting herself to her music, because it's "never going to wake up one day and tell me it doesn't love me anymore." So for awhile she was no longer loving it, instead. And it took work to be reminded of it's importance in her life. I love that.
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  14. I feel a lot of pop stars/celebrities must feel that way, I think it was Adele that said something similar and was one of the reasons apart from stage fright, as to why she hated touring. That vast vacuum of emptiness after the shows over and your team are done for the night and you are all alone in a hotel room in some random city you probably won’t get to see much of beyond from a plane/hotel/tour bus’s kinda bleak.
  15. It's all the more depressing with Gaga because this is someone who wanted nothing more than to be famous. She viewed fame as the ultimate goal and it essentially destroyed her life both physically and mentally. To be torn down by one of your greatest passions is probably a pretty shit feeling.
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  16. The 911 video really makes a part of me feel so disturbed...yet I can’t stop watching it. The man banging his head on the pillow, the whole feeling of her being trapped in some limbo, cartoonish dream like state but sort of just floating through it like it’s her reality.
    Until of course she comes to the reality of what the ‘dream’ is keeping her from.

    She just captured everything so perfectly and really did the themes of mental health justice. Like I’m legit still shuddering thinking about aspects of the video, but I’m also in awe.

    The mind and the brain are so complex and downright terrifying and I feel she highlights this perfectly; the outfits, the foreshadowing, and again that very unsettling feeling of chaos and unreality. I’m sure that feeling of being trapped in a limbo that the mind has created will resonate with many people.

    Then there’s the screaming at the end.

    11/10 for me, and without a doubt the best thing she’s not only given us this era, but for years. What a piece of art.
  17. Ddd

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  18. But wasn't she always really aware of the consequences? It's pretty much the theme of her first era.
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  19. I mean wanting to be famous and finding out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be is a tale as old as time so. She was just in a movie about it.
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