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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It’s interesting that she’s been sort of inching towards revealing what snapping out of this dreamlike state is really like for her over the years through her videography. She served us the pure fantasy with videos like Bad Romance, Applause, G.U.Y, and Perfect Illusion but it’s wild to imagine what the reality that inspired those videos might look like for her. The closest we got before 911 was Perfect Illusion, but even then we only see the start and end of her episode.
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  2. ffff I am screaming at this post. "Sorry, girl! You asked for the circumstances that exacerbate your mental health issues!"

    You can academically be aware of something and then experience it and when the feelings hit, it's still a truck. Lordy.
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  3. Thats... not at all what I was saying sis. I was saying it wasn't unique to her.
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  4. I must have misread because that "so," then because I was like ffffff he deadass said that in this thread. Huge "it's awful by the way" flashbacks.
  5. A couple of posts above mine said all she ever wanted was to be famous and it must be so awful to be torn down by the thing you wanted most, and I was simply pointing out that thats basically the story of tons of famous people.

    And I have no idea what that has to do with me not liking a Beyonce album, but work.
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  6. Yes, I read the other posts, but your post came off caustic and I was joking about how it was an impressively caustic statement in a thread that would not be amenable to it. That's all! I understand what you meant now.
  7. I wouldn’t say it’s caustic? More very matter of fact and true. Her first album is literally all about fame - including its many pitfalls.

    Look at the video for Paparazzi for example. It shows a very apparent self awareness that fame could harm her or negatively affect her, that the media could portray her in a bad way. On some level she was always very aware that fame would bring her both bad and good.

    I imagine 2008 Gaga was probably too focused on literally revolutionising the modern pop music scene, and having all her dreams come true at warp speed, to even comprehend the negativity that could be heading her way. Plus, in that first era she probably felt like an outsider - observing this glittering world known as ‘show business’ - cleverly drawing on its many highs and lows to inspire her art and create something new and exciting.
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  9. Oh yes...

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  10. ...anyways. I’ve been rinsing this album a lot again lately and it’s inching closer to being one of my faves of 2020. So many layers!!
  11. This reaction is a bit different, cause the guy was part of the video shoot:
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  12. That haunting melodic take on 'before there was love there was SIGH-LUHNCE' that is underneath the main vocal in the pre-chorus of Sine From Above. Hmmmm a moment most pleasing to me.
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  13. The Voce Viva advert made me want a full orchestral version of Sine From Above
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  14. I love that even this certified surfer bro can't resist the mega bop that is 911. And that is why wide appeal y'all.
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  15. RJF


    Lady Gaga... wanted fame? No, sir. Not at all. She was plucked from obscurity against her will. She’s been making the best of a bad situation for the last ten years.
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  16. She was an underground jazz artiste but was forced to become a popstar against her will! She had no choice!
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  17. It’s like Christian Gospel songstress Katheryn Hudson all over again.
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  18. A metalhead? SCREAM @RJF they got Iotv's cousin sksks.
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  19. Because I spent way too much time on this piece, I'm posting it here.

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