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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I can still hear her although it’s very faint.
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  2. Lee Pace is quite gorgeous isn't he.

  3. Yess push those playlist streams.
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  4. If they’re adding 911 to playlists, this must mean they’re pushing it as a single, no?
  5. It doesn't specify a source, but Wikipedia says it'll be released as a single on the 25th of September. I was wondering why we haven't seen a single cover for the song.
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  6. I wanna know who is responsible for the rumor that to lead me to believe that there is a Free Woman and a Babylon video which i have been waiting for up to 7 months now? Was that you @mindtrappa because i’m about to sue.
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  7. I never said there was a “Free Woman” video
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  8. Sam


  9. Don't bite the hand that feeds hen!
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  10. I mean not to fuel the fire, but Sour Candy, Fun Tonight, 911*, Babylon and Free Woman were rumoured to all be getting videos (not sure the credibility behind those rumours). It would make sense it could have been Sour Candy considering it being released / BLACKPINK promo.

    *Was released last week.
  11. Yeah, there was a list of the 6 videos she was rumored to be doing (Stupid Love, Rain On Me, Sour Candy, Free Woman, 911, Babylon) but this was pre-lockdown, so no idea if they’ve changed what songs since then because they never got beyond “Rain On Me” and there have also been more current rumors of videos for “Fun Tonight” and “Sine” – although the latter is probably just the Valentino ad.
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  12. "Sine" is the clear smash hit single here.
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  13. "Free Woman," "Sine from Above" and "1000 Doves." A better trio of songs to round out an album campaign there never were.
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  14. "Fun Tonight" was speculated since the "Chromatica Forecast" thing (which led fans to believe these would be the videos\singles)


    These align with

    Stupid Love
    Sour Candy
    Free Woman
    911 (which I totally forgot that was part of this dd)
    Rain On Me
    Fun Tonight
    Chromatica III

    In my head "Babylon" was part of this too but I guess not.

    So the rumors of her being in the middle of video shoot\preparation once Lockdown hit and having "One + half video complete" weren't true? Hopefully they'll be able to fill the full fantasy.

    Please Gaga take Fun Tonight out Babylon In.
  15. She was, but we don’t know the extent of it. Supposedly she was already on set, but that could mean anything from her being in hair and makeup to actually filming.
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  16. ARTPOP really won't die
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  17. Because Elton John and Lady Gaga are an irresistible force on top 40 radio?
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  18. I...really don't see Sine from Above being a runaway smash hit or anything, at least not in the US (welcometochromatica.rar) dd

    The only thing I really crave as far as official Singles go is for Free Woman to be next up after 911, but I don't see that happening either. I wouldn't mind Gaga going the Madame X route and just releasing videos/remixes for songs without going full-on Single Push with them, if that makes sense
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  19. I can definitely see Sine From Above being a total radio smash in Europe. Not in America but... that's a theme of this record whatever they pick. It feels like a song with a cross section of appeal even if it's not many people's favourite on Chromatica. I wouldn't be mad at them pushing it a bit after 911.
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  20. I think calling anything here an “obvious” “smash hit” is a biT... questionable.
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