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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This crossed my mind too and I've a feeling she's going to be a little embarrassed after the sheer amount of info she "divulged" in her replies today.

    Of all the reactors, she doesn't even have the highest number of followers. There are reactors from the US that have 5x more than she does. It doesn't really add up.
  2. I was just saying we already have three music videos (Stupid Love, Rain On Me, 911), not that we have videos for three of the songs they listed nn
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  3. Sam


    Y'know what we are babe? Fucking trump destroyers
  4. The sandwich dance ha return!
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  5. She's so cute, and she's looking great, is that all her natural hair?!
  6. No.
    She is delivering some cute videos recently
  7. I just got new speakers and i'm listening to chromatica on them... A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE. I just love her so much

  8. Not to get too fan-fictiony I would love for Sine From Above to the next video and for it to at least thematically flow right from 911s in a more “healing through music” against the trauma of 911. Then finish up with Babylon as the full on planet chromatica fantasy?
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  9. Music videos for "Alice", "Sine from Above" and "Replay" would've been a dream.
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  10. Would be a dream.
    And hopefully will be a reality. at least another couple videos Gags, you can do this.
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  11. I was operating under the assumption that the Billboard she put up in LA after 911 signaled the end of the album cycle. I would love to be wrong, but I’ve also made my peace with what we have.
  12. That was for the Grammy committee because the deadline for picking nominations was last week. It was also included in a package sent to members

  13. I'm not sure if legit, but...

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  14. Well it surely can’t be to tell everyone to vote. I’m guessing it’s an old segment from earlier in the summer.
  15. Think it’s just a rerun of this
  16. Why would they re-run that? He is back doing proper shows again in studio with guests and then normally has someone video in too at some point, past weeks being Dolly Parton, Miley and Samuel L Jackson.
  17. Sam Smith is performing this week so at best she's probably video calling in from her couch on Chromatica. As long as she doesn't serve this again...


    ...i'll take it!
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  18. She looks good, but that hairline / wig...
  19. Who is this Punk and why is she posting on voting sensation, Italian-American Stefani Germanotta’s Instagram channel?
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  20. Maybe it’s because I don’t know much about hairlines / wigs, but is there something wrong here? Genuinely curious, because I think her hair looks great.
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