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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. If there were ever an opportunity to release a remix album a la Post-to-Telegram, Chromatica is definitely it.


  2. Didn’t know this was a thing too, dd
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  3. Muffy, the tax implications.
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  4. I think 2 noms for Chromatica are more than enough. Where they lost those few last bits of relevancy to me is when they decided to ignore Jessie Ware and Rina.
  5. Is an album limited to a single category by the rules or is it up to the voters? I was surprised Chromatica wasn't nominated in Best Dance/Electronic album but was it because it was nominated in Pop Vocal?
  6. I am surprised it was nominated at all.
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  7. Yes, it can only be entered in one genre. The Pop field offers more visibility so it makes more sense to chose this one over Dance
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  8. Also I don’t think non dance artists are allowed to be in the dance/electronic category anymore.

    I knew she’d end up snatching Pop Duo and Pop Vocal at the very least. She has great standing with the Grammys as far as being nominated goes (all her projects sans ARTPOP have been acknowledged to some degree by The Academy), and I imagine they want to try and get her to do something for the show.
  9. At this point, I have hyped myself up for Babylon and won't accept anything else. I also feel like this because I have a gut feeling that this next video will be the last burst of energy for the album before she goes back into actor mode and Babylon absolutely deserves that slot.
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  10. If it's not Alice, Sour Candy, Babylon, Replay or Enigma
  11. Is this solid information or is it coming from some random Twitter “insider”?
  12. The call is coming from inside the house
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  13. Considering people on her own team have said things are coming and they haven't, I'm not sure it really matters. If something happens, it happens.
  14. RMK


    The way she didn't acknowledge her Grammy noms, but has time for this.

    In her defense, The Recording Academy have shown themselves as clowns again this year, but I also think putting makeup over music is clownery (dd).
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  15. She’s probably/definitely not the one posting those tweets/posts on her accounts.
  16. She's become so hollow. I don't mind if she disappears, but she's just...empty platitudes and corporate shillery whenever she comes out of the woodwork.
  17. It hasn't been for some time. Even during her whole voting campaign, her twitter posted a video with instructions to whoever is running the account accidentally still included in the main caption. She'll pop on every once in a while, but she hasn't consistently/regularly used her accounts herself since, like, 2016.
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  18. Capitalism wins.
  19. Which is ironic because she's actually not this. But because she has detached herself from us by means of never posting much of anything on social media about what is on her mind, or what she's doing, it has made her seem really... what you said. Like it's hard to see her as personable, or know she is working on things, when she isn't ever online talking about it anymore like she used to. We're lucky if she does any interviews where we can see that from her.
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