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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. She’s supporting vegan foods
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  2. Apparently her Spotify header on the web player has been updated to the Chromatica logo. It was a still from “911” previously.
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  3. R92


    There's something really unfortunate and unnerving to see a Gaga campaign (in the loosest terms imaginable) that is just so utterly bereft of her presence, at least coming from the perspective of a long-term fan. Circumstances this year have been less than ideal for the most airtight of campaigns, but something she's shown through history was a desire to fight for the music itself even as things crashed and burned around her; my mind goes back to the ridiculous campy street performance art moments to #prayforVenus, or how she sold the hell out of a jazz album with a sentient coat of mothballs, or the Golden Age Hollywood cosplay performance she dragged out for her awards season platform... She always threw herself into the music itself, and other than a few shining moments , this album and its campaign feel absent of her touch. It makes everything feel so insubstantial, and that hollowness and absence of "Gaga" only gets amplified by the barrage of corporate advertisements.

    The album itself is still better than people make it out to be, a bit anonymous and sanitized for a Lady Gaga album but a solid pop album nonetheless; I don't blame the campaign fuckery for souring the view of the music itself, however.
  4. Yas promo.
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  5. Scream.
  6. Is this the video that was coming in a couple weeks? Gaga singing and eating some Oreos?
  7. At least we have GIFs of Gaga eating oreos to look forward to.
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  9. More Effort than this Campaign.
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  10. Lady Gaga - Chromatica (2020)

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  12. As mentioned, it's not that she's doing corporate sponsorships, it's that she's only doing corporate sponsorships. Where is she? Her complete total silence almost feels deliberate at this point, like a fuck you to fans and Chromatica. Am I being melodramatic?
  13. I mean, that’s certainly what it feels like. I try not to snap and drag her everyday because I don’t want to be potentially unfair in any way, but... it keeps getting better harder dd.
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  14. It’s the “Get ready to spread some kindness with Lady Gaga” for me.

  15. The cherry on top.
  16. Is that sarcasm? Because I don’t see what’s wrong with that.
  17. Not really. I don’t mind the BTWF, Haus Labs and paid partnerships posts on social media as long as there’s something Chromatica related in-between, but that’s literally all she’s being doing recently.
  18. It's just odd that Gaga doesn't touch her own socials anymore and everything is obviously done by her PR team, even if the message of this post is charity.
  19. Okay but is it odd?
    I understand that if you told me in 2008/09/10 that someday Gaga would rarely post on twitter, I would say "How DARE you ever think such a thing!". But here we are ten years later. She has been super open with her mental health struggles. Open about how she battles with if she even wants to continue her career or continue to be "Lady Gaga". Open with how she thinks social media is fake and an illusion. Not to mention the type of @'s she gets from "fans" on twitter that we've all seen. So why are some of us continually just baffled by her absence online?

    Yes. I would love for her to go back to telling us what she's working on, or engaging with fans by saying like"Oh what's your guys favorite songs on Chromatica?" or little things like that. But she just cannot engage with social media like she used to. It causes her pain and stress. I think someday she will find a good mix of posting and letting her team post for her. I actually think the little fashion photoshoots she was posting on Instagram a year or two ago was kind of a perfect way to be present and show us a bit of herself, without it getting to be too much. So hopefully post-pandemic she can maybe return to some of that.
    But, yeah, she's just not in the business of teasing things anymore - we can all name like 10 things she's said that have never come to fruition and i'm sure there are fans who remind her and her collaborators of those regularly. Bottom line is, Social media just is not a good place for her as a person, despite how good it would be for her as a pop star and for us as fans. And honestly, we kind of just need to deal with it. As sad as that is sometimes to have 0 clue of what's really coming next outside of the sponsored things.
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  20. I don't think social media is an illusion, especially for artists or other public figures to connect with their fans. I understand she struggles with mental health and Chromatica is already dead and buried so I guess there's nothing to even communicate really, it's just odd that there are no updates at all from her or her team on what she's working on creatively. But I guess we're in an in-between era lull.
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