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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  2. Cause of rift for sure
  3. R92


    C'mon Joanne-era high pony, remind us of a better time!
  4. Sam


    Not Oreos being directly responsible for Joe Germ voting for Trump
  5. Screaming at a snack as bland and unexciting as Oreos being the sole contributor in the creation of Dady Maga.
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  6. OK we’re not gonna denigrate Oreos though.
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  7. All the things she's tried to sell us this year... Klarna, makeup, watches, perfume, Joe Biden, cookies.

    I can't.
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  8. Jockstraps.
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  9. Maybe I'll make my iconic Oreos Cheesecake to 'celebrate'.
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  10. Also, you can do an engaging and satisfying campaign without necessarily doing, like, loads of stuff. Just ask Beyoncé. She did about 5 performances each for BEYONCÉ and Lemonade, alongside a couple of interviews and a few magazine covers, but because it was all excellent it didn’t matter that there wasn’t a tonne of material. Gaga needs to take a leaf out of Beyoncé’s book. There’s a middle ground between being worked into the ground like the ARTPOP days and doing one performance and two interviews for an entire campaign.
  11. I've been thinking this since self-titled dropped, but alas!
  12. RMK


    Yeah.. Absolutely no one cares about her taking distance from fans or social media. You can fully promote an album if you develop a campaign, just like you can fully post about your sponsorships. She just really let the ball drop. Every fun moment of the era was actually a fairwell (dd).

    Stupid Love - Silence.
    Rain On Me - silence.
    VMAs + Radio Show (ooh, two things) - Silence.
    911 - Silence.
  13. RJF


    Nobody gives a fuck that she isn't tweeting. The problem is that all she does tweet is merciless cash grabs.
  14. RMK



  15. I completely forgot about that mess. Did Asia chew her way through her pocketbook? Where are the standards?
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The way I gasped.
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  17. Does anyone want..... sour Oreos? This is not a good match of product and song.
  18. Did we want cherry cola, fruit punch, limeade or waffle and syrup Oreos? The weird flavors are kind of a thing I suppose.
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