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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RJF


    Because the era's theme was MERCH.
  2. I doubt they would have posted it if it were something she planned on using

  3. Did they lie?
  4. Sis
  5. These 911 remixes...*tugs wig in place*

    I might even buy her some Oreos now!
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  6. RMK


    Yeah, but that could easily get scrapped/cancelled like everything else.
  8. This is more likely for All Stars 7 at this rate.
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  9. It's dumb, but I still think about that poster who's friend thought the album was pronounced Chroma-Teaka and it's gotten more promo in my head over the months than the actual album.
  10. I couldn't be bothered going back through the thread and googled "Chromatica Oreos" thinking it was probably a forum joke, I cackled when I realised it's actually a thing.

  11. I don’t like that Rain On Me poster at all, but the Welcome to Chromatica winner is a serve.
  12. Gaga having my art in her story, whew.

    Though I wish I got first.
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  13. Maybe it's about Lady Gaga ? I mean Ben Rice and BloodPop have been in the sale studio the last few months as well.
    Maybe working on finishing reworking the tracks BloodPop mentionned in a interview ?
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  14. interesting.jpeg

  15. After watching Infinite Disco and Studio 2054, I think it would be the perfect platform for her to really take us to Planet Chromatica. Plus it wouldn’t necessarily have to be done in one take so it wouldn’t be as physically demanding as an actual concert. Throwing this idea into existence.
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  16. Imagine a world where Gaga would actually go on short limited run tours (like the Chromatica Ball was planned to be) but then also do an expansive pre-filmed livestream concert as well, maybe even with some sort of like live feed thing where she could watch along with everyone and whatnot. That could be actually a great move for her, even going forward past the pandemic. Particularly if she is never planning on being able to go on long tours ever again because of her health. Plus it would be saved for us in video form for all eternity so no more begging for a DVD.
    Multiple positives there.
    Although I assume it would not be as profitable as going on an actual long tour.
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  17. I'm gonna go ahead and say Replay because it deserves to be released. And actually could sound fun with Bad Bunny.
  18. Babylon (ft Bad Bunny)

  19. Badbylon incoming!
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