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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Screaming at Pitchfork putting Rain on Me at #11 of their top 100 songs of 2020.
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  2. Rain On Me on YE lists:

    #1 The Guardian
    #5 The New York Times
    #9 Cleveland
    #11 Pitchfork
    #18 Uproxx
    #22 Crack Magazine
    #39 Consequence of Sound
    unranked placements: Vogue (Top 29), BBC

    Cute. I really hope it snatches the Pop Duo Grammy next year. Exile is its main competition but it wasn't really a "hit" so I'm not sure if they would award it. Both would make great winners either way.
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  3. nn the Discogs list is literally based on how many of their users own a copy (or have it in their want list). Impressive but not exactly a critic seal of approval.
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  4. Oh, that's fair. Not Rolling Stone even giving some love to Stupid Love ddd, the gays hate to see it!

  5. I mentioned it elsewhere, but that Rolling Stone list is weird ddd I like that they tried to include a mix of genres, but the pop choices are not it. They could've at least listed Rain On Me or 911.
  6. Stupid Love is the only Chromatica song I rated less than 5 stars on my library. A pointless endeavor in all aspects.
  7. I mean, she does sound like she's having fun, but the thing is, she was the only one.
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  8. Rolling Stone? Stupid, Love.
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  9. Chromatica really is the token "see, we do like pop!" album of the year, as proven by these trivial accolades.
  10. Pretty much all of these lists have been including Dua, Charli, Rina (and Taylor if you consider that a pop album), so seems a bit weird that they’d feel the need to shoehorn it in to show their pop music credentials.

    ...Perhaps they just think Chromatica is a good album?
  11. Even if Chromatica is the token pop album the locals took to this year (it isn't) that's still a good thing? Their streams also count? Why does the taste of Rolling Stone matter less than
  12. Is that really a question?
  13. Being included in these lists or awards as a token anything has positive aspects (promo, etc), but it's the insinuation that their work only belongs there because it fill some sort of quota that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when it's just not damn true.

    Here's a handy list that accumulates all the current end of year lists @Suburbia. We have Taylor, Dua, Rina, Charli, Jessie, HAIM, The Weeknd, Chloe x Halle, Roisin... all ranking above Chromatica right now, but apparently these just aren't pop enough for you.
  14. I just don't understand why Rolling Stone liking Chromatica has to be because they just don't know any better. Why any piece of positive news has to be shot down with a snarky reply.

    Even if they're basic and ignorant, them liking the album is a good thing even if you don't?
  15. I can’t think of a better pop album released this year (I think that Agnes Obel’s ‘Myopia’ is the non-pop album of the year, there are only two genres in this house)
  16. I enjoy this album but I can literally name 10 immensely better pop records that were released this year just off the top of my head.
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  17. Honestly yeah. Chromatica is one of my favorites of the year but we’ve been absolutely spoiled with great pop music in 2020, and I have zero problem saying that its “badness” is overstated here while also acknowledging there have been multiple releases that surpass it.
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  18. I'll take a stab at this and say that I imagine it's frustrating to see Gaga getting critical acclaim for what can be argued is her operating on auto pilot: if Born This Way or Joanne in particular had received this level of attention and admiration comparatively I think it would be a lot easier to accept Chromatica getting praise. As it stands, seeing an artist who has constantly pushed their sound forward praised for an album that doesn't meet that same bar feels like obtuse poptimism and from the same school of critical analysis that netted Selena Gomez decent to great reviews earlier this year.
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  19. There isn't really an album I can think of that has been released this year that I've actively disliked. I either love it or it's completely off my radar. It has made the current climate of everything else in the world being shit that much more annoying since now all the memories I have attached to the music I've loved are of me hiding out in my house dd
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