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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It’s a secret recipe from Chromatica, not Melmac.
  2. You forgot the one where she was like “it’s a candle sis” dd

    I mean, I wasn’t expecting all natural, individually crafted soaps from an artist’s merch store to begin with, but it’s still hilarious
  3. Gaga opening Instagram to see this.
  4. Even if Gaga partnered with La Mer or *checks brands Skincare thread mentions* Drunk Elephant for a soap, AB would still find something to drag. Let's be honest her drags are a seal of approval.
  5. I never thought I’d be agreeing with Azealia, but isn’t it part of regulation that the ingredients of any packaged chemical or food product be listed?
  6. For soap, no. Not according to the FDA.
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  7. Why would you buy that to use it anyway?
  8. Oh, interesting, Gaga’s in the clear then (just not from the Azealia Administration).
  9. This is tonight

  10. Such an empowering and wonderful speech. She gets it.

    Oh and she looks really good, love that hair color on her. Thinking of all of possible lewks she could've served over the past year..*sighs*.
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  11. So... Is Bernice King still homophobic or no? Because if she is, that wouldn't be very kindness punk of her.
  12. Loved her speech. You can tell she put a lot of preparation, thought and care into it. I'm not a POC, so my opinion really doesn't matter on this, but she really does seem to be doing a great job setting an example for white people on how to help make the world a better place for POC, and to uplift them.
  13. I mean, she's about to honor and sing at the inauguration for a politician whose career reveals himself to be someone violently racist, anti-poor and imperialist, so she'd then be 2/2.
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  14. Damn, I didn't realize she has now sold over 350 million units at this point in her career. Pretty impressive resume overall. Wonderful heartfelt speech too. That lavender hair looks great on her.

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  15. Don't forget misogynistic!

    Which is why she'll be singing an acoustic, 30-minute version of Plastic Doll at the inauguration.
  16. Loved the speech, loved that she chose to wear a black designer as well. It’s such a small thing to mention, but it really is the small things like this that matter most and help black and brown creatives out, because they typically don’t even get that. Applauding this shouldn’t even be something I should have to do, but it does show a level of intent from her/her team that I don’t believe was there previously. Hopefully this wasn’t a one time thing and we continue to see her seeking out and working beyond her usual scope of white people – a black woman did her Billboard shoot a well, which I thought was one of her best in a while, and certainly a highlight among the little we’ve gotten from her in the past year.
  17. Mess at BloodPop blocking me on Twitter because Boys Noize retweeted my post saying I'd like him to produce on next Lady Gaga album.

    The fact I've been one of the rare Monsters defending his work on Chromatica
  18. It’s so weird how he was apparently a main producer but ended up having almost no credits.
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  19. I may be wrong but LG6 in 2018 seemed to have some more experimental techno pop vibes (judging who was in the studio with her at that time). Seems like the 90s vibes came later on in 2019 with Burns and Axwel being involved.
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