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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I just assumed this meant single and album release nn
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  2. STEFANI graduated and went on to attend NYU'S Tisch School of the Performing Arts before dropping out to start a career in music. She was last seen driving a pickup truck outside Las Vegas, screaming "I WANT YOUR STUPID LAAAHHHV" out the car window into the desert night.
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  3. Charlize’s unwavering hold on pop culture.
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  4. Single and *Glam Room 2, silly.
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  5. I absolutely love this song but it kind of sounds like a “Gaga” song from the Lisa Goes Gaga Simpsons episode
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  6. Bussy Forest found napalm'd
  7. That tweet. I hate her.
    (Love her)

    Ok one thing I hope the new album isn't full of.....her vocals over the past year have sounded odd. Like she's been using this new technique, almost nasally and almost from the back of her throat, and sounds tired. It isn't bad on Stupid Love at all but there are moments you can hear it.

    I really want her to get her voice back to what it was in 2017. Or maybe even ARTPOP (which I still think is her vocal peak tbh)
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  8. I just heard this on good speakers today and I think I've been baptised.


    Welcome back, MUTHA. She definitely knew what she did with that 'FREAK OUT FREAK OUT FREAK OUT- LOOK AT ME!' line/melody and all the gheys will be deceased singing that back to her at the live shows.
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  9. People saying the song isn't catchy... the brain worms.
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  10. I've finally listened to Stupid Love snapped. I don't know how you couldn't instantly be enamored with this track.
    I absolutely love her vocal in this.
  11. The second time the freak out bit comes up and the beat drops out when she says “look at me?” Gay perfection.
  12. You're the one that I've been waiting for
    Gotta quit this crying, nobody's gonna
    Heal me if I don't open the door

  13. I keep hearing “I want just to be loved” at times when she’s singing “I want your stupid love” during the chorus. Can’t tell if she’s trying to do some word play or whatever...

    The song still bops though. Really curious what sort of music video we’ll get for this.
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  14. sis really typed into google images:

    listening to illegal music and took the second pic dddd
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  15. After listening to it a couple of times it sounded so familiar.
    Does anyone else think that the chopped up parts sound like Higher Love part?
    Where Kygo chopped up Whitneys vocals.

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  16. Gaga’s my fave and as much as I wholeheartedly love her work, I’ve never thought she was necessarily the best writer in terms of lyrical content. She can undeniably put together a killer pop song, but I’ve always felt that the ideas and themes behind the songs are a little...murky. Which of course is not to say she hasn’t nailed it before but to me it’s always seemed like the song itself isn’t completely fine tuned in what it’s trying to say and it’s her inevitably long winded analysis of it later that brings her ideas to light.

    So I do see where some people are finding Stupid Love to be rather generic lyrically, and it would’ve been interesting for it to go in a more Bad Romance direction (in terms of what makes it a stupid love, like what made that romance bad if that makes sense?) but it’s also kind of nice to just have something a little more straightforward. I trust her and have no doubt that the album will be full of classic Gaga writing. I will say that the visual that comes eventually really has the potential to elevate this from pretty standard to something bigger.
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  17. It seems that work was all amalgamated into the LG6 process.

    In other news, she was blasting Babylon at the Haus Labs shoot and said it was coming out with the drop in September - they had to sign NDAs about it but since the song info has leaked, it’s found it’s way out. Looks like she changed her mind and kept it for the album.
  18. Babylon could make for a cute album title.
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  19. Babylon gives me fake Britney album title teas
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  20. Maybe unrelated but last night I was asking my friends Google Home to play Do What U Want and it kept playing Kylie songs? I thought it was just freaking out because Do What U Want (original) is no longer on streaming services but now I wonder. A hint perhaps?
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