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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Subwaykid

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    This is so embarrassing.
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  2. Enigma foreshadowing. I’ve never been into that whole vibe, it makes me feel weird and like her career ended after ARTPOP and those are the looks she has to rely on for the public to remember she’s Lady Gaga. There are moments where Chromatica dipped into that, especially with the “Stupid Love” styling, and I suppose the Dom Perignon campaign to a degree (although I think the Dom ad and even “Rain On Me” are better examples of how something like that should look). But I think we can all agree it’s been more exciting to see what 2020 Gaga looks like with the album art, “911” and the Paper and Billboard shoots. The Jean-Paul Goude shoot she did for V a couple years ago was another brilliant moment after a few years of standard beauty editorials.
  3. I can’t with these eulogies. Give it a rest.
  4. 7/8...she would’ve gotten something for the RSD post.
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  5. Yeah it's weird that as a fan, I feel as despondent as I felt after ARTPOP even though the era was objectively pretty succesful with a #1 album, #1 single and a Grammy. It just feels like she's lost her passion for her pop career and is going full steam ahead with the actor thing which is fine, but music is what made me a fan. If I wanted to stan an actress, I would stan Amy Adams or something.

    I hope she proves me wrong like she did post-ARTPOP.
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  6. RMK


    You have to wonder if this is a campaign Bobby and Gaga are actually proud of. We can talk in circles about why there should be distance between fans and the artist, but her only chiming in for a sponsorship during these past few months, when she has a fairly new album out, just makes her seem way less genuine. She let the era take a nose dive after constructing, what seems like, quite a strong traditional campaign.

  7. This guy is kinda amazing.
  8. At the end of the day, it still looks relatively good on paper with a number one album, critical acclaim, a number one single, and a Grammy. They have basically everyone (except maybe the people who matter most: the fans) on their side even though she didn’t do all that much. Aside from some frustration over things not going as they initially planned, I’m sure they’re not losing a ton of sleep.
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  9. You see how effortlessly she rides a warm disco beat? I planted this seed years ago and I will see the harvest, even if I have to sponsor her to get it. Elgeesevühn, get ready for DISKOBOP.
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  10. The music for this collab is so scary? Dd

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  11. The music and editing on this makes it feel like a threat. How fitting!
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  12. 2 #sponcon posts in one day? Gaga, sis...
  13. So the bottle (red) is designed by her and Nicola and will be appx. $300, whereas the sculpture is only sold via auction for $$?
  14. Yes
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  15. RJF


    I guess her hand was too sore to sign the albums because she was busy signing all these contracts. She's such a trooper; my heart hurts to think of her in pain like that :/
  16. Why is this giving me Black Mirror teas?
  17. I don't think she's had more than a few sentences to say to her fans since... The VMAs and the 911 video? 6 months ago.
    Everything since then has been products and ads. Then obviously the tragic happenings with her dogs. A delayed "hey, yeah, thanks for the Grammy", and an obligatory birthday post.
    Her twitter is basically a ghost town and her instagram if you took the sponsored posts away would be next to nothing.
    The fans really lost, huh?
    At least we have some film promo to look forward to in another 6 months. And some jazz to tide us over until that. And maybe a remix album that doesn't even seem like it was her idea or something she would even care to do but will MAYBE sign off on it.
  18. Can her sponsored wares be purchased using Klarna? I’m an interest free woman.
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  19. She’s no stranger to an endorsement deal but usually there’s more in the way of, like, an actual campaign to balance those out. So...that’s annoying. Even more so if her team actually has campaign-related content they’re remaining tight lipped about for whatever reason.

    The eulogizing of her creativity and literal soul is a...bit much though
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  20. Melodrama? On my Popjustice?
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