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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Y'all will have to eulogize my soul if the campaign for LG7 turns out to be another lifeless capitalist expedition. I'll do my best to remain... hopeful until then dd.
  2. I'll say this and then stop the Gaga hate circle jerk, promise.

    Remember when she fired Troy because he was too greedy and only cared about money? Well...
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  3. Yeah. Although fans are obviously and understandably unhappy this will be regarded as a very successful era - she had one of the biggest songs of last year, the album got rave reviews etc. It’s only a shame because it could have been even bigger but it’s also clear that music is not her priority. The first time I can honestly say that about her which is why it’s so jarring.
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  4. Obviously all we can do is theorize but I would actually love to know what her headspace has been for the last year. The thing is - and I know I’ve said it dozens of times - based on how she’s talked about the music, especially the songwriting, I don’t get the impression at all that she recorded Chromatica to fill a quota or as just a vehicle for brand deals, and I also think she’s far too earnest, for lack of a better word, to be able to pull off lying about that. At the same time though, I think that as cathartic as it may have been to get the emotions out, she’s also still dealing with a lot of what she says she created the album to “escape from”,’s a world of contradictions.

    I don’t quite understand the logic behind this drip-feed, stop-start campaign “strategy” (or why there wasn’t a Plan B in place anyway), but I just don’t know if the reasoning is as simple as her “not caring anymore” or being greedy. Call me Pollyanna, but it logically just doesn’t make sense to me.
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  5. An album!
  6. She said that it was hard to do the album and she was „free“ / healed once it was done.

    I guess at that moment she was already kinda done with it. A shame.
  7. I don't think she said she was healed now did she? It's seemed all along like an ongoing process of which making the album was a central part. I don't think she's claimed to be healed.
  8. I don't think I'd care as much about all the sponsorships if it wasn't all she had been posting recently. I'm aware contracts were signed YEARS ago pre-pandemic, but one of the most creative artists of the last decade just kind of letting the album rot instead of pivoting to something fresh and exciting has been a profound disappointment, especially when you consider the intent of the album.
  9. You actually put in words what I struggle a lot to articulate.

    At the end of the day, and just to add a positive note, I will always be able to look back at this campaign and find flickering moments of true Gaga brilliance hidden in the lacklusterness of it all, the shiniest one for me being the 911 music video, which is legitimately great and in my opinion the closest she ever got to driving home the concept of Chromatica as a mental space.
  10. I think the one thing we have all learned now, nearly a year later, is that her team are incapable of thinking on their feet. And to some degree, so is she.

    I still don't understand how Bobby had so much planned (according to him) but the moment the pandemic came along, it was almost like both him and Gaga simultaneously threw a tantrum and because they didn't get to do what was originally planned, decided nothing at all was better. Surely Interscope are less than pleased about all of this considering she's one of the biggest artists in the world.

    Ok he didn't get his big "movie style" rollout but who cares, I'm not looking for something earth shattering. I'm looking for a few music videos, singles and performances/interviews like any other artists promotional schedule which all could have been achieved during the last year. That's what stings the most.
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  11. RJF


    I mean, the strategy is now, "Get as much fucking money as possible to keep my friends and family in the lifestyle they're accustomed to." and that's... fine. That is why Oreos take precedence over another single. This is why a fucking champagne bottle gets more promo than her album. This has been the strategy since the Joanne Tour was shot out the sky by her chronic illness and there was clearly a fundamental change in her that put all her efforts into safeguarding her brand so it could still be financially profitable if she were incapacitated again. This is also why, even for a new album, she hauled back Nicola and strapped into some armadillo heels and gave the locals their 2009 lives. It fills seats. It gets Bobby a mansion in the hills. End of story.

    It's also amusing to see various people say the exact same things I've been saying for a year (in some cases with even more frequency!) but not get the same five or so nuisances jumping on them for it. Is because of the twelve caveats y'all feel are necessary?

    I love this album and you won't catch me saying otherwise in public, BUT...

    I still love her and am more curious as to how the Tudorwatch sync will tie with Chromatica rather than sceptical about her motives, BUT...

    I am 100% confident that those fourteen music videos I was told she shot are still coming, BUT...

    Girls... give it up.
    If y'all would listen to what I've been saying and preaching and preaching and saying!
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  12. I guess we’re starting to see the pitfalls of being so heavily fan oriented, anti-commodity and “music not the bling” during an early career. When you can no longer be arsed with that level of investment, you look like a mighty hypocrite and it looks even worse.
  13. I mean, people keep bringing this and "music not the bling" up, but she never said she was anti-capitalist or against doing sponsorships, even back then she was shilling Beats by Dre headphones and Doritos. Her issue with Troy is that he didn't treat her like a human being and was signing all these deals behind her back while she was in a hospital bed with her hip rotting away. There also has been a lot that has happened to her since then, as highlighted by other users, and she's out to protect her brand and the people she employs. There's a much larger issue (if we can call it that, since she doesn't necessarily owe us a glimpse into her daily life) of her completely cutting herself off from fans after Joanne. As several people have said, they'd have no issue with her doing things she's always done if she hadn't removed the one element she based most of her identity as an artist on.
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  14. I understand, and at the end of the day it's her career and her hard work and she has the right to monetize it any way she pleases, show business is still a business after all. But for someone who was so proudly and explicitly all about the art and the connection to fans in the beginning, it does sting a bit to see her end up as a corporate mouthpiece. Basically what @La Toya said.

    That said, I realize a lot has gone wrong in the past year and she deserves a break. I was only half serious anyway.
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  15. I think it's also time to stop holding a 35-year old accountable to something she said age 27.
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  16. RJF


    Holding popstars to stuff they said in interviews nearly eight years ago is dumb. I can barely remember my life eight years ago let alone the stuff I was saying and I can't imagine someone casting it up to criticise something I'm doing now. Especially Gaga, who was honestly spinning so many goddamn yarns for years I would be surprised if she remembers more than a handful of them.

    If she made a great album literally none of this would even matter. But instead we have the weakest album of her career sinking even faster under her literally reading anything off a cue card down a lens as long as you pay her, so you start to wonder where the priorities lie.
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  17. I actually still love the album. I do think that it would have benefited more from... more. I think Gaga has a great ability to take songs and enhance them even more with music videos and performances. That's why it's such a shame Chromatica got pretty minimal in that department. Even her just talking about her music makes me like it more, and we barely got that either.
    But yeah, the sponsored posts and the brand deals don't bother me, it just bothers me that there is all that is. I understand it is not something she wants to do, but I wish she had more social media presence again. Even if it was just little fashiony photo sets on Instagram that she was doing for awhile a couple years ago. Just something designed to be for the fans. It doesn't even have to be time consuming or anything. Just something simple so she feels like a real person and not Lead Tudor Watch Salesperson of the Decade.
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  18. If this is where we are... And it's all about the money then it's a shame they didn't figure out a way be about the money and the music at the same time to at least keep the fans engaged. We all know tons of our sissies were absolutely living for this campaign from the music to the jockstraps and would have been more than happy to keep throwing coin at merch and whatever else she slapped her name on.....had they not basically stopped promoting after Rain on Me. 911 video was fantastic but came way late with no other promo.

    Trying hard to think of another album from a major artist that had clear success from the start, #1 and #5 singles, great streaming, that was abandoned after just 3 singles... Gaga sis, make it make sense?
  19. It's far from the weakest album of her career. The quality of the music is the last of her issues here.

    It's unfortunate that the minimal-effort promo for anything and everything unmusical rolls on while the album is (unnecessarily) dead and buried, but at the same time I think people are doing quite a bit tew much. The capitalist insta ad era won't last forever. This is definitely one of the most frustrating times ever to be a Gaga fan. But it's also not that hard to just hit unfollow for a bit and enjoy any of the many great albums and songs she's given us until the next thing begins.
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  20. Then which is?
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