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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Genuinely surprised there was a post made on her stories an hour ago about her and Ari’s iHeart nominations for “Rain On Me” considering she paid the Grammys dust
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  2. I love that you said "there was a post made" instead of "she posted" fff
  3. This feels... I don't know, like a bit dishonest?

    The Doritos speech was about how she didn't mind corporate sponsorships if she could use their platforms to do something subversive and challenging - that she thought it was a success to get brands to hand her piles of cash to do what she wanted. She was citing that she could be covered in Doritos promotional material while having someone throw up on her.

    I'm not sure..... Oreos in Chromatic packaging are materially closer to that and not actually closer to hamsters running and working out to Applause to sell a new car.

    There is something material in treating her second perfume like a contractual obligation cause she would only do a perfume if she could make it truly Gaga with jokes about it being infused with blood and semen to then being the face of a similar traditional fragrance.

    I don't think people take issue with product placement or ads, but that she spent a significant portion of her career deriding these things, saying she only saw them as useful vehicles for putting challenging art in mainstream platforms, while now across all of her sponsorships, she's largely not saying anything. She's just selling a product.

    Of course there's a conversation to be had about if her attitude in the past was even right to begin with. I'm sure the Millie Brown stuff would get more criticism today than it did then, and maybe rightfully so, who knows. And in a post-Star Is Born world, she'll never truly be subversive again given that the entire project was about setting herself up financially and willing her brand back into the good graces of the public, and that's fine.

    But it seems like the same problem she finds herself in creatively - when you anchor the appeal of what you do to the nostalgia of past glories, of course people will expect what they got then but now. In general, a lot of the disappointment by fans seems due to expectations only she herself really set-up as things people could expect.

  4. [​IMG]

    (just due the track behind it tho but still!)
  5. She went from biscuits to champagne in a matter of months...
    She's reaching all classes, a mastermind.
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  6. I do commend whoever's in charge of sponsorships in her team, whew, sis was working overtime. Her MS Outlook was really heating the fuck up, she came in that bitch mad as hell. It was that serious.

  7. This thread is so depressing.

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  8. I’m not just speaking about the SXSW speech, because this was a point she spoke about several times throughout the era, even before SXSW. I did bring that interview up because she addressed it at length. There was no talk of subversion that I can recall, but rather she said brands shouldn’t dilute the artist and they should actually collaborate with them. The whole idea behind “reverse warholian” was literally about putting art as the face of brands instead of the other way around nn. That’s why I say there’s really no difference, because what exactly is subversive about collaborating with all the other brands I mentioned?

    And as I said before, I agree with the points everyone has made about her just communicating with fans to sell products. I just don’t agree that she should be held to a lyric that ironically is the opposite of what people keep thinking it’s about, because “ARTPOP” as a song isn’t some anti-capitalist manifesto. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a larger discussion to be had, but I don’t think ARTPOP has any relevance to it.
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  9. Subwaykid

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    THREAD: Here’s why I believe Lady Gaga disappeared in 2018 and has been replaced by a clone (1/?
  10. Corporate Gaga™ is kinda iconic.
  11. #notmygaga
  12. Which is actually fitting the discussed subject.
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  13. Welcome to Chromatica!
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  15. I find it hilarious because it’s not subtle at all (mainly because that word doesn’t exist to her). And I know it has been said already, thousands of times over, but we wouldn’t even be discussing it if she was posting anything else because honestly it’s not as overwhelming as it seems.
  16. The Chromatica-related content that we’ve gotten, excluding Stupid Love’s video, has been incredible. Some of her best editorial photo shoots, two amazing music videos, and an iconic performance + a tonne of awards and acclaim.

    In a non-pandemic world, Oreos and make up palettes would have been a cute additional novelty as I’ve got no doubt it would have felt like Gaga was everywhere, akin almost to 2008-10, be it branded tie-ins or promotional performances.

    The complete lack of Chromatica related promo, aside from the 911 video, is what makes the corporate side of things so much more jarring. 911 in itself was such a wasted opportunity, they could have at least properly serviced it as a single and attempted to capitalise on its meme related hype r.e TikTok.

    It’s an interesting strategy to antagonise the fans with false promises of the ‘journey continues’ and nothing then transpiring, seen as they are the ones who ultimately buy tickets for shows and help keep the Gaga brand profitable, but it is what it is.

    I’m sure in time people will look back on this album and the content we did get with a lot more fondness than in the present moment.
  17. Her Instagram feed has been looking like the Amazon homepage recently. She probably doesn't login anymore but I think it's a good idea to hire someone that can make the page more 'alive' even if's just some cute candid scheduled posts.
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  18. Yeah. I think people realize that’s ultimately what they were supposed to be, an ~expansion of sorts. But when they become the main event and when Billboard is writing that the merch was an era highlight (no matter how good that MTV shirt is)?

    She disconnected from social media ages ago. She pops in occasionally, but it’s like a parody at the moment. I’ve said it before, but they aren’t even trying to give off the illusion that there’s a person behind these posts. I’ll add that I don’t think she owes us glimpses into her daily life or needs to be personal at all, but there are other things going on outside of the sponsorships that they could post about.
  19. We can argue all day which album is her worst- but music is subjective.
    I don't think there's much to be had which overall era is the worst from a fan perspective, or at least, the most disappointing.
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  20. As a Joanne truther, I do get a good laugh at this album essentially being set up and marketed as something out of a stan dream... only for it to end up like this. It’s disappointing for any fan to have to experience, for sure, and I certainly don’t enjoy that feeling, but really

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