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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. As a Joanne truther, I do get a good laugh at this album essentially being set up and marketed as something out of a stan dream... only for it to end up like this. It’s disappointing for any fan to have to experience, for sure, and I certainly don’t enjoy that feeling, but really

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  2. I’d say the album needed 1 to 2 more runthroughs to identify what could bring the tracks from a 6 to 8s to 10s. From the basic beat drop on Free Woman to the clumsy lyrical placing on Fun Tonight to the missed opportunity of more vocal flourishes/harmonies on 1000 Doves. It sounds like she laid down some of her best lyrics ever and left Bloodpop to his own devices for the production without additional notes.
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  3. The sheer variety of content that they could easily be sharing on her social channels to breathe a little life into them, makes it even more of a shame they haven’t / won’t.

    Behind the scenes photos / videos from the video shoots and / or album artwork shoot, footage from the recording studio, cute graphics with the lyrics on etc. It wouldn’t be too hard to continue the era and make it feel as though things are happening even if the performer involved has clocked out for the rest of the era.

    It’s strange, Gaga is the last artist I would have ever expected to be so out-of-touch with what it means to be a modern pop star and how that is communicated through social media, but here we are.
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  4. This was something people had an issue with on Joanne as well, and ARTPOP to a degree, so I think it’s honestly her just wanting to keep the tracks pretty simple (for better or worse). I guess some would say it’s overproduced while still being underproduced. Burns said they ran through tons of different versions of the songs, so I think she had plenty of notes just maybe not the same ones others might have
  5. Well, if that’s the case, then there was definitely... a shift in taste? This was the same woman who insisted on “louder bass” for Born This Way and created the chaotic production on Venus ddd the woman used to like her sound to be seismic, sometimes to a fault.
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  6. I still find myself remembering how disappointed I was in the difference between the Free Woman demo and the final result...

    Every time I hear the song and the way it’s produced it makes me think of something you’d hear on Love Island and I don’t mean that in a complimentary manner.
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  7. I suppose there was. Even during ARTPOP she was constantly talking about wanting to strip things back, making everything more simple and streamlined. She once joked that she wanted to do her promo interviews naked because it was more timeless. I also vividly remember Mark Ronson talking about how Gaga used to be extremely picky about her vocals and always wanted to do more takes or write more hooks on something, and him talking her out of it and letting the song just be. The move isn’t necessarily surprising with that in mind, but I know when people think of Gaga and pop music they do think of that loud wall of electronic sound that Born This Way had.
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  8. Royalty Free Woman is still one of the highlights from this era.
  9. There was also that Instagram post (maybe from two years ago?) where she addressed the criticism Born This Way and Artpop received for sounding too kitchen-sink, loud, abrasive etc. and how that has changed her view on her own music.
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  10. Oh, I don’t remember this, but it falls in line with everything else
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  11. Well thanks for...that hennies.
  12. Truly the transition that keeps on giving.

  13. The way this is the era in a nutshell with Haus Labs into Dom Perignon transition backed by a meme of one of her tracks from the album. Unintended brilliance.

  14. Well
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  15. That's for the UK, right?
  16. Yup.
  17. I’ve barely listened to this album outside of last summer, but damn, been playing it the last two days while exercising out in the sun and I’m really enjoying it in all it’s basic boppery. It’s hitting just right as summer is approaching again, and this time one that is about to be a lot more social and carefree thanks to the vaccination.
  18. This makes me unreasonably angry. Over the top theatrics and bombast was exactly her sweet spot, but I guess people really were stuck on "Just Dance" huh.*

    *I love "Just Dance," but the way she pivoted into something truly operatic in scope and scale was breathtaking.
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  19. Were the Chromatica Oreos turning my shit green a similar stunt to Lady Gaga being vomited on? In this essay I will--
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  20. Sam


    how many did you eat
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