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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. No signed posters, but there are still signed initialled cards for cds or bundles in a few official stores. Yeah, uhh..
  2. Oh nooo. Imagine trying to buy a signed Gaga item and getting Taylor Swift merch as a replacement. Eek. They couldn't at least given him a Chromatica soap bar or something?
  3. Taylor continuing to compensate for Gaga serving up crumbs even without being asked! Generous queen just can't stop feeding!
  4. The aesthetics and looks for this era were undeniably gorgeous. It’s just a shame we didn’t get many.
  5. The amount of content they're probably just sitting on... I'm fine. It's ok.
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  6. I know it’s supposed to be like ~club kid vibe, but those boots really ruin almost all the looks she’s had nn. Would have loved these, they’re very Lady Miss Kier

  7. The pleasers are so clunky, it's a shame because they ruin the silhouette in almost every look - and they're a pain too draw.

    She looks great otherwise, I love how the hair almost makes a hood of sorts. I really wish the era wasn't over.
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  8. Rise Chromatica rise!

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  9. I love her with that bleached brow look. It's just so good.

    I don't even think it's "club kid" vibe. She's just very rarely worn heels of any kind since her hip surgery, in photoshoots and videos and performances especially. I assume she probably doesn't feel good in them anymore. Hence the weird Enigma green laced up flats.
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  10. I think it's mainly an era thing. The Fame Monster had the Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes, Born This Way had the Noritaka Tatehana Heelless shoes, Artpop had Azzedine Alaia shoes, Joanne had the Beatle boots, Chromatica has the Pleaser rave boots.

    I do think she's toned down on the severity of heel because of her hip but she's worn heels during her Super Bowl performance, Victoria Secret show, etc. I'd sooner blame the heelless shoes to be a part of her hip issue.
  11. Huh? She still wears heels in her performances and shoots constantly dd. Maybe it's just not as noticeable because they aren't hideous. Those boots are part of the era's aesthetic, like the other examples listed in the post above. She actually wore shoes similar to the ones I posted during Joanne

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  12. Yeah, the platform Pleaser boots are an eyesore and really don’t go with any of the looks shes done. It’s an odd choice of boot to be the go to for this era.
  13. I love the pleasers as they look like they would be good for walking on the moon, which is fitting for the era.
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  14. It’s so confusing why they’ve just been sitting on content? It was the same with how they posted the Rain On Me Gagavision like months later when the song had already peaked dd.
  15. As in nobody does promo on the moon
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  16. RMK


    Not stans convincing themselves the Apple Music profile change indicates a Free Woman single release.
  17. Which cig's grandma is this? alsdkksALDKK she's so adorable.

  18. Oh my god, she was (and remains) iconic during Joanne era

  19. I'm watching her videos - what an icon.

    I'm so jealous of this GRANDMA'S Born This Way Ball merch.
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