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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. and Grimes on the interludes.
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  2. I'm glad the remix album is going ahead but what I would really love is some new visuals. Especially since everything (bar the iPhone ad) was so on point.
  3. RMK


    I see Bree Runaway on the Babylon Remix. If they dare put Pabllo on it I will unstan.
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  4. Kind of wish they’d use the airbrush image of her hand/claw holding the Chromatica logo for the artwork.
  5. Also, for whoever was asking for more Dom Perignon content the other day

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  6. I want more of the pink jacket / bathing suit look.
  7. Any excuse to post this god-tier mashup again:
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  8. I wish they didn't cut that one look. It gives a Gaga performance costume vibe (when she used to do those)
  9. RuPaul is coming out with a mashup remix mixtape whatever album which I guess is his songs mashed up with songs of a bunch of pop stars and whatnot.
    They did a mash up of Chromatica II & 911 and RuPaul's CoverGirl.
    It's very gay. Ru said "Lemme do my own Chromatica Remix track"

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  10. Ru stop being cheap
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  11. BloodPop liked a tweet about AG Cook on the remix album. I'm assuming he'll be the one handling production on "911" with Charli.
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  12. I-

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  13. Not having fun?
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  14. I’m gonna Kylie! The night
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  15. She really said Pang but make it Power Rangers™.

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  16. She looks stunning, the Chromatica shoot is honestly her best, closely followed by the ARTPOP shoot. I'd love to see further outtakes from the photoshoot wearing this outfit.

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  17. There are some in the fanzine (or at least this image without all the crazy filters in the second slide)

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  18. I somehow snagged a copy of the RSD Chromatica...the first store I went to was sold out 25 minutes after they opened, I got to the next one 20 minutes before they opened and snagged the last copy they had by the time I got inside.

    Probably the coolest vinyl packaging I own looks incredible. The goo/slime stuff in the trifold is textured, and the colors are amazing. The magazine is kind of the coolest part, it goes with those 90's graphic vibes they had with the Stupid Love rollout and the initial Chromatica poster. So many cool details and world building.

    I'm mainly wondering why they saved all of this stuff though for a limited edition exclusive, instead of putting out this content for everyone? Like...we've all talked about our gripes with this era enough, but the fact that they had all of this stuff they could have given us and just didn''s a little baffling.
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  19. I wonder if she's stretching out this era because of the pandemic, a slower drip of content (which sort of sucks) but considering she will be touring this next summer... it makes sense to me that she would.
  20. There's a standard version out at the end of the month. The only thing exclusive is the color variant for RSD.
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