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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Well damn, I had no clue. When I originally checked her site after she posted about it, I saw it was sold out and assumed that was it for those copies since it was Limited. Not me going through that hassle when I could have checked her site again!
  2. I think they're referring to the standard black one coming out later this month. The color variant itself is what was exclusive to RSD, not the packaging.
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  3. Just press more then? They knew what would happen.
  4. They added this. So yeah, they're just referring to the yellow variant.

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  5. I'm really coming to terms with the "not a lot of creative ambition but good dance music with some peppered in surprises" nature of Chromatica and I've been giving the individual song a lot of spins. I think part of my immense disappointment was that I thought she was going to go back to getting artistically wild after A Star Is Born, which is easily my least favorite Gaga release ever. I remember that time where we thought that there would be PC music/hyperpop influences. It felt like she was ready to get weird again but it's pretty clear that she favors a more restrained pop nowadays. Which is fine but I won't ever not pine for the high octane artistry that leaves you kind of exhausted and amazed at the same time.

    I don't if anybody else feels the same, but when a collab with Elton John was first mentioned, I thought it would sound like Gyspy. That song has such an Elton vibe to me.
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  6. So, I was in a Discogs early 90s house music k-hole today & stumbled across this BIR bop, and it's “chorus” sounds similar to Babylon's. I haven’t found anything on the internet about the similarities, so maybe it’s just me (part in question starts at 1:20)
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  7. RJF


    Twice I have been trapped with "Stupid Love" this week. First, the battery run out in my headphones at the gym and it came on mid-set. Next, I was up a ladder painting today and was letting Spotify play random things from my first choice (Live in LA remix of "Don't Start Now" thank you very much!) and it came on the speaker. My phone was in the kitchen out of Siri range so I was trapped painting the ceiling while that mess played.

    Her worst ever single! You are welcome for self-involved thread bump. I'm sure there's like three of you who still might think a thread bump means news, so this is for you!
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  8. I just spit out my wine on the terras, my neighbors’ child went inside screaming while I cried with laughter.
  9. Ok
  10. You after this harrowing experience

  11. In other news:

  12. Why does she have a tiny hair loaf
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  13. She looks like she's wearing someone else's hair as a skullcap.
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  14. The Sistine Chapel <3
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  15. Wonder if this will be actually live? Or pre-recorded?
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  16. RMK


    Because the girls before her made it popular.


  17. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a doppleganger in our midst...absolutely artistically atrocious.

  18. I love that she even used a filter she would use, like, 9 years ago. I love 2012.
  19. Gaga: the last remaining person on Earth who still uses the built-in Instagram filters.
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