Lady Gaga - Chromatica

I need to give the whole thing another listen before settling on how I feel about it, especially because the second half of remixes have really picked the whole thing up when I was feeling a bit whelmed before. But it's definitely interesting and adds new life to some stale ideas - I wish Gaga herself was ready to be this adventurous sonically.

Bree and Shygirl completely devour their remixes. Whomever said the Alice remix sounds like The Neptunes completely hit the nail in the head - I could even hear Kelis, Gwen or Nelly jumping in on it. Sine From Above is the weirdest, everything but the kitchen sink - bordering on The Blessed Madonna memes thing I've heard in a while. Free Woman is not my personal cup of tea but I appreciate how it combines Rina's maximalist sensibilities with Gaga's - and you can tell Rina's having a blast.

Oh, and the Fun Tonight remix is sending me.

Strangely after hearing the way she demolished this remix, I'd love to hear Rina and Clarence take on Gypsy. I feel like she'd eat it up.
Rina really took one of the worst songs on the record and transformed it into one of the best. I believed in her but it's even better than expected. But I scream at the worst song, Fun Tonight, somehow being even worse. The production is giving me 'bad pokemon spinoff soundtrack'.
The productions of the new "Free Woman"/"911" are a serve. "Fun Tonight" is so bad. I don't think I'll be revisiting this project much, though.

"Enigma" becoming the festival dancefloor anthem nobody saw coming? OK.
Okay wait none of you were lying about the Free Woman mix. I wish there was more Gaga, but Rina and production absolutely slaps.

Fun Tonight.. is not.
I know I'm in the minority, but 1000 Doves is a favorite of mine from the original album. I wish the vocals on the remix weren't pitched down or the remix was just released in the key of the original's vocals. I quite like the tech-house/minimal production.

Also, no backing vocals/production on the Haus Laub mix of "Babylon".... will the gays riot?
Maybe the Fun Tonight remix was too ahead of its time for some people

I appreciated @Glitterizer putting the mix into context as well, because I probably wouldn’t have appreciated its presence as much as I do now, considering I was initially dreading Pabllo’s involvement

Personally I'm the most excited for the Fun Tonight remix, for a lot of reasons. It is so ridiculously Brazilian, not just because of the instrumental, but because the very idea of taking an international song and remaking it in brega/forró/funk stylings in itself is a very Brazilian thing, something I grew up hearing on the radio and that kept going in the YouTube/meme era, so this is like... an officially sanctioned version of that kind of thing, kii. Add to that the fact that Pabllo is part of my generation, another queer kid who grew up looking up to Gaga as this distant goddess... it's all just very special to me.
Dang the Haus Labs Babylon is really just... there. It's such a non-event.
I would've much preferred the Bowie sounding one, but... okay.

Let me listen to the rest of the album