Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Wait, I’m actually living for the Babylon Haus Labs remix.

Charli is still funny to me because nobody seems to remember (nor can I find the evidence anymore) she talked quite a bit of shit about Gaga when she debuted.
OMG I was not expecting a vinyl this fast. Interscope better go all out for this project.

It's kind of wishful thinking, but I really hope Free Woman or Babylon (Bree Remix) get some type of push. Especially the former.
The Pabllo Vittar remix of "Fun Tonight" is a crochet cover for a propane tank, children reading Machado De Assis in elementary school, Nazaré Tedesco finding her reflection in the mirror gostosa pra caramba, the bathing mouse from Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum, Alcione's nail art, Clarice Lispector swearing she's only sad because she's tired on TV Cultura in 1978, chocolate frosting on a carrot cake, Maria Bethânia erupting in a delighted que coisa liiiiinda after having read a poem, a full set of amber-colored Duralex plates and glasses, Daniela Albuquerque calling Hebe Camargo de sebosa, Vera Magalhães announcing a quick break before the last portion of the interview, "No Meio Do Caminho" by Carlos Drummond De Andrade, the jabuticaba tree, wishing someone the best by saying bonasera Catuxa io aguro tantalaguri tanta felichità e quë siano repiterepitepemuitomuito tempu, expressing one's disagreement with the following formula: que burro cara que loucura como você é burro que coisa absurda isso aí que você disse é tudo burrice burrice eu não não não... consigo gravar muito bem o que você falou porque você fala de uma maneira burra. The Pabllo Vittar remix of "Fun Tonight" is not a secretly bolsominion uncle stating he's not either left-wing or right-wing.

Screaming!!!! This is literally my life described. Best thing I’ve read here in months.
Getting through first listen now. Alice was a good opener, Stupid Love & Rain On Me were slight duds, Free Woman was a highlight, and this 911 remix is amaze too
Yeah. It’s not bad, but I can understand why fans were inevitably underwhelmed by it after two years of hyping themselves.
They should have just asked for the demo and called it a day.

I'm perched to hear these in full in my car, but I already know the Haus labs is not it.
Packaging design might be cool for the vinyl but this is not worth the purchase. Looking like a clear/white vinyl with some special tracklisting editions to the cover.
I'm so glad to see the love for Dorian's Replay remix; I was really excited for it and they absolutely didn't disappoint. The way it straddles the line between Dorian and Gaga's aesthetics perfectly. The delivery of and additions to the second verse. The guitar solo mimicking the Diana sample. Chef's kiss.