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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I mean they both have one line chorus but I respectfully disagree. It's not even worth comparing really.
  2. ARTPOP is a killer song.
    Love it.
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  3. Kylie's been in the music business for over thirty years, stagnation in quality is inevitable but she still experiments on the side so keeps it fresh. If people feel Gaga has it happening already, that's not good.
  4. We do not

    need to do

    all this

    for a song

    that isn’t even out yet

    - Rupi Kuar
  5. My new thing is finding Gaga flashmob dances and I think I might be in love with the guy with the skeleton paint
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  6. Oh we've reached the part where we're comparing LG6 to Golden already? How meta.
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  7. The “kinda hard to believe, gotta have faith in me” line is really speaking to me tonight
  8. I had this, but then I actually listened to the song again and immediately went back to euphoric bopping and being utterly confused that it's had such a negative reaction from some quarters
  9. Yeah I don't see how it's reasonable to compare LG6 to KYLIE14.
  10. His name is Dmitrii Rogozhnikov.

  11. Omggggg thank you
  12. n.n'n he twelve
    no maam
  13. The Sun are reporting there will be a UK Tour later this year. I never like to trust anything they say but they did report on the song being released on the 7th February. Hope she comes to Glasgow if true as I don’t think I would be brave enough to travel again after two Joanne cancellations.
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  14. The tour has been in the works for a bit.
  15. We went thru a period with tabloids where Gaga and Bradley were “spotted house hunting” and they were using pics from 2016 when they met up to discuss the film lmao lemme just wait for that ticketmaster link before I lose my shit x
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  16. I don't see her touring until 2022 when Enigma is (hopefully) finished.
  17. I mean if the UK tour is just Enigma brought across the Atlantic I won’t be attending.
  18. me: minding my own gd business
    my subconscious: FREAK OUT FREAK OUT FREAK OUT FREAK OUT (look at me)
  19. Pretty sure it will be just Enigma which is a shame if LG6 is out by then.
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  20. Sam


    And you’re only telling us now?!
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