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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. Your meltdowns actually contribute something and aren’t annoying, though
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  2. RMK


    The thing is, no one has actually turned on her. Everyone will be parched for the inevitable leak coming 2-3 days before album release day, and bop.
  3. Is this the billboard?
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  4. It could be worse, this could be GagaDaily.

    A quick glance shows that current discussions range from the album being obviously and definitely cancelled until 2021 to how a relationship will never work with Michael due to their different faiths. Pulitzer worthy stuff.

    [future readers of this thread insert whichever timeframe became appropriate] days to go Little Stupid Lovers!
  5. All of this conversation will just move to the General thread, it doesn't really matter which thread we have open at this point honestly.
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  6. For anyone even remotely interested, Mr.S has also now posted “28”, so it seems next week is indeed set.
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  7. Remember the "f" tweet? Not Gaga releasing the song on the last posible date in February (i know there is a 29th this year but not a friday).

  8. it’s the first time I’ve seen these and I’m yelling
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  9. Twitter stans are so bored they're now stanning Charlotte instead.

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  10. Evergreen post
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  11. Not Farrah fawcett being Alive
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  12. Academy Award Nominated Actress here.

    I remember when this little game came out and the cutscenes being so cheesy... But, aside from her clearly reading lines- that sort of persona was how she frequently talked at the time.
    Also didn't she not have her driver's license at the time? Who the hell let her drive their Jeep?
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  13. Stream Alive by Vox Lux TODAY! She sold her soul to the devil and never made us buy make-up.
  14. Ok but Miss Charlotte SANGing Gypsy Woman is a slay
  15. charlotte is a tru icon xx
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  16. Not the Little Monsters getting so excited about a fake encounter on the tube. It really has been too long.
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  17. I'm not excited about Ms Charlotte - reckon she stans Pink you know
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  18. She's definitely auditioned for The Voice at least thrice with 'What About Us?'
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  19. RJF


    Are people seriously now just posting covers of her songs? Lock the thread.
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