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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I mean, true, but she was associated with all these artists long before they blew up; she had been wanting to work with Mark Ronson for years after working with him on “Chillin” in 2009, and when she was finally ready, they couldn’t because of “Uptown Funk” blowing up and he didn’t have time for her. Zedd was initially introduced to her while she was working on Born This Way and contributed remixes to it and they recorded while touring together in early 2012, before Clarity had even been released. And she’s known and worked with Justin Tranter for 12 years, so that doesn’t really need to be explained further.

    Gaga doesn’t mind a hit, but she’s also (or was) really particular about her work being with people she has a connection to/is friends with. BloodPop coming into the picture during Joanne was a really big change for her.
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    That makes sense. She didn't have ties to Max, so I've always grouped him together with Stargate or Luke in terms of the bigger names she's never crossed paths with.

    She can be petty, it prevents the 'I cannot be a copycat of JLO' situation.
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  3. Now I'm imagining Gaga signing off a list of him working with Little Boots, Sugababes and Nicole Scherzinger and being like "these are all fine"

  4. I want to laugh but it’s also like... not far off from reality nn
  5. You could probably make a nice basic album with his cuts from Alexandra Burke, Jennifer Lopez, and Scherzy. About a Girl, Here We Go Again, and Remedy would be bonus tracks.
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    I would've been slightly bothered by Poison, if I were her. Megabop.
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  7. Apologies if it's been mentioned, but as it's being announced as 'midnight ET', that means it won't be coming out at midnight for local time zones? So NZ/Australia won't be getting it first etc?
  8. I wonder if she ever got first dibs on songs and passed up Broken Heels? Stupid GaGa!
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  9. That look she posted today... I am thoroughly not gagged.

    The entirety of Bad Romance’s visuals, the Born This Way face horns, the Applause makeup, her trashing around in a mosh pit in booty shorts and high pony for Perfect Illusion... these were genuinely arresting, stop you in your tracks first looks at the visual worlds she created for their respective eras. They felt like new and exciting iterations of how Lady Gaga could look like.

    But these Power Rangers villain get ups? They look like something she’d wear to step out of a hotel in Eastern Europe sometime in 2012. Or worse. She looks like some other act in 2012 trying to ape Lady Gaga but not hitting the mark.

    I don’t know. It’s very early and maybe my standards for her are unfairly high, but between the undercooked song, the influence of her producer’s taste on the billboard, these perfunctory looks, and the tacky shadow of Haus Labs hanging over the visuals, this project is starting to feel like something she didn’t feel particularly compelled and utterly obsessed to make, which is something you can’t say about any of her albums. Even her worse one.

    I hope she proves me wrong as we get more content.
  10. The fact that i’m the first to scream for a ABBA chorus and i ADORE this song is such a thrill to me. I haven’t played the leak in about a month and it still glued to my head.
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  12. This is some professional shit with like different angles what the fuck I am CRYING!
  13. Yeah, I keep questioning whether I’m being overly cynical or critical, and then I think back to how I felt in the lead up to Perfect Illusion, which was just total indifference to a new Gaga era after everything that happened during Artpop and Cheek To Cheek. It wasn’t until we got the first image of her in the crop top and shorts that I was excited for her in a way I hadn’t been in years. None of these images, much less the song, are giving me the same feeling.
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  15. Butt Plug™ and Condom™.
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  16. I haven’t heard the song yet though from the reaction on here it’s probably gonna be abit disappointing? Some of the visuals are cool though, and it’s such early days - I recon it’ll be fine.
  17. This is odd to say about a Gaga project when we all know she puts 100% into just about everything she does. I can't imagine she would've stuck with 'Stupid Love' for over a year and after a leak if it wasn't something she 100% wanted.
  18. I'm not sure it's fair to take your own reservations about Haus Labs, the song and the visuals and project them onto her. You can say it looks tacky and it's not to your taste but claiming she doesn't seem invested feels like a bit of a reach.
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  19. Gaga's always been a little tacky though (except maybe during the Fame Monster Era). Motorcycle Gaga? It's cool but don't forget how delusional all the fans were about it being fake and not the real cover. The ARTPOP cover is great but it's also intentionally somewhat tacky.
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