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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Is now the time to admit I’ve felt like she hasn’t put 100% into Haus Labs?
  2. Surely this is undeniable dddd
  3. Yeah, when placed next to her other first single videos, I still think it's an arresting visual. It's nice to not have another blonde moment for a change. I'm excited to see what else she has in store for us.

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  4. Haus Labs is seriously such a non-factor. There is list as long as my arm of issues with this rollout, Haus Labs isn't even on the list.
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  5. That perfect illusion shot still leaves me gagged.
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  6. They wouldn’t have worked for an album about color, but if she had launched this era by dropping out of nowhere those random black and white photos she did with that Eli guy... the gaggery would be real on my end. Now that was a direction that really grabbed you by the balls and demanded attention.
  7. Ugh GOD that brunette hair in Applause suited her so well.

    I did some re-acquainting with Boys Noize productions and remixes earlier and it’s left me even more perched for what she’s managed to make with them. I find the fact that they’re not on the lead single and still seemingly very present in the studio telling
    Those photos getting shot, edited and posted on Instagram seemingly for...nothing else still mystifies me. That shot of her with the insane proportional distorting and Slave to the Rhythm-meets-Come To Daddy rictus is quite possibly the most frightening visual she’s done since...the Monster Ball interludes? and I want more of that at some point.
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  8. Important to remember that two years ago we thought mom was going to become queen of the Razzies, and we fags got our asses handed to us on a silver platter, so maybe we need to have a little more faith.
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  9. There's something very digital influencer about this era already.
  10. I understand some of the criticism. But I think maybe we need to see her out and ~living the era before it clicks for some. We usually get candids and other world building cues way before we even have a single, easing us into her new world to the point where we’ve lived with these visual codes for a while, and this is all sort of being thrust on us in a way she hasn’t really done before.
  11. Ddd for me this just highlights how lackluster this Chibiusa by way of Rita Repulsa cosplay is by comparison.
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  12. Also, it just occurred to me that if she ends up doing different "themes" based on individual colors, we could be in for a literal wheel of aesthetics - which, while pretty on-the-nose, is something that I'm not sure she's consciously done before. There have always been at least sixteen different reference points and ideas floating around her campaigns - like with each single on Born This Way and ARTPOP having a distinct "identity" - but in the past, it's all been relatively contained to the same general branding and mood. If she goes full-tilt color spectrum chaotic with could either be brilliant or it could be a scattered mess, but either way I'd be entertained.

    (This post is me literally just thinking out loud while procrastinating don't mind me nn)
  13. Dd. I should've noted that I was talking about her music.

    The official rollout started yesterday. We've gotten a Billboard and a photo. The rollout has gone smoothly.

    I truly don't think she has the attention span for this. But hey, maybe becoming an actress has calmed her down enough that she can now come up with a plan and stick with it.
  14. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Andy, that’s what we’ve been doing here for the past 16 years.
  15. I still wish this moment was captured more in the music video. It's just so good!
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  16. Muffy sis, the pedantry. If you think things are going smoothly and it helps you sleep at night, I'll let you have it.
  17. If Stupid Love is Gaga giving 100%, that's extremely concerning.
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  18. I actually really enjoyed this song when it leaked but y’all negative Nancy’s have made me hate it.
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  19. You're a weak bit, baby. ~~
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  20. Are you talking about the leak? Again, the rollout started yesterday. I'm not sure what has happened between yesterday and today.

    You not liking something =/= Gaga phoning it in. I'm going by Gaga's history and how we all know how passionate she is, not by my own feelings about the song, which I do like but don't think is amazing/groundbreaking/major comeback-worthy.
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