Lady Gaga - Chromatica

She’s the freest, happiest she’s ever been and she’s feeling the power of ASIB’s success. She’s going to be unstoppable (not meaning this is a commercial way nn).


OK but can we stop bumping this thread to talk about... not-LG6 stuff?

Use the General Lady Gaga Discussion thread and stop making me think we have news about the album everytime I see this one.
Can I just say that i'm glad Gaga seemingly got all her Christmas music releases out of the way in her career already?

Uh no. I'd love a Christmas album instead of whatever shit we'll get with Tony. Out of all the pop girls, she's the only person who could deliver a proper christmas album that could stand the test of time and not just be some seasonal cash grab like Gwen.

(My dream is that she covers Underneath the Tree by Kelly)


I would only accept a Christmas album from ha if it had at least one or two electronic/synth songs.
Doesn't even need to be a slutty banger like Chritmas Tree, something like this would be cute:



She won’t. She has the Oscars which will take up a most of her time
What exactly about the Oscars is an impediment to her chucking out a song? I mean, it's just one night and one performance.
She only just finished a damn movie (and won’t be done campaigning for it until February) and y’all want her to waste time on a fucking Christmas album. I can’t.

I said i'd be excited at some point for it, not now, maybe when she has a child or two.
I have the feeling she is coming right after christmas for the start of Enigma with a new song or ep. Or a full visual album.



At most We are going to get a Twitter video of Gaga saying merry christmas in an ugly christmas sweater and those clip on bangs shes been wearing the past two months with black sunglasses.
Gaga has still not managed to do a full visual album even when she had a break for 3 years let alone now that she just shot and promoted a movie and is preparing Vegas. And I even doubt she'll have the time during Vegas. So yeah let's not expect that...