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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The notion that Gaga was ever not pop is ridiculous to begin with.
  2. I don’t get the aesthetic criticism either, maybe I’m just basic and easily pleased.
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  3. The people on my Twitter TL are chewing her out for this video, and I’m cackling.

    The song has been received well by my mutuals so far tho, nñn.
  4. But...guitar!! HAT!!!!!!!
  5. Nothing... happened. Oh and it's aesthetically a total eye sore. Has she lost 'it'? Because this is bad, I'm sad... I don't think it's hyperbolic to say this is her worst video.
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  6. I LOVE hearing her say about the album in that interview, "You know what was different? I didn't question myself a lot." That can sometimes be a downfall for her....over thinking things to the point of over editing and adding unnecessary portions.
  7. It’s not her best lead single, but it IS her worst!
  8. My only real complaint about the music video is that she only has 2 looks. Even if the story doesn't make sense, she could've at least gave me some LOOKS. And she didn't.
    The million reasons video has 3 looks... How did this fall short of that?
  9. RJF


    I... think a few more questions needed to be asked. And maybe a few less blunts rolled.
  10. WEED on Chromatica?

    Wow it really is Artpop Part 2 ladies strap in :)
  11. Except there’s 4 here? At least pay attention if you’re going to moan all the time.
  12. Also, from that interview....thank GOD she said she stopped smoking cigarettes. I love Joanne as an album, but her cigarette stained voice on it (coming from some of her best, strongest vocals ever on ARTPOP) was frustrating. And even more frustrating to see the studio footage in Five Foot Two of her chainsmoking.
  13. Anyways, fægs, even if you hate this keep streaming it so she makes some coin and has a budget for the next video.
  14. The video has pushed me to chain smoking after giving up for five years.
  15. The main problem is the song sounds dated.
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  16. Can anyone link the interview?
  17. Oh you're talking about ME!
    The song is a bop in the purest form. The video is... A video. They could have done so much more. Maybe it's just part 1 and the other singles will continue the "story".
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  18. Like, if this was going to be the aesthetic, I just kind of wanted every aspect of the video to be cranked up to 11.
  19. I like how she power slammed the two feuding bottoms and then everyone was happy.
  20. Not my fault that vocals are stronger when cigarettes aren't involved sweetie! x
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