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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RJF


    Sis... what is this. She’s been frequently giving her best ever vocals for about four years. Cigarettes weren’t causing any problems with her vocals yet.

  2. Still no word on who's the art director behind the artwork? I need a name because I stan so hard.
  3. Her voice didn‘t always sound great at Enigma.

    But yeah she just smoked last week so ddd
  4. Her saying she quit smoking while sounding deadass like Natasha Lyonne made me laugh. Oh Gags
  5. Oh, no, You're right. Some of them look so similar I think my brain just melted them into the same thing. But i'll admit I was wrong.
  6. That was weed sis
  7. Here you go
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  8. This has got to be her weakest lead single?
    I haven't really loved anything for a while but this sounds so dated to me.
    And that video...
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  9. We love Natasha Lyonne.
  10. Not to doom monger or anything, but this whole thing is giving me Lover teas, it feels like too much of a course correction in the sense that she’s been so focused to go back to “Pure Pop!!!” after Joanne and A Star Is Born and hearing her stans complain about the music not being electronic enough that she’s come back with... this. Let’s just hope the album is better.
  11. There's smoking, smoking and 'smoking'.
  12. But this is enjoyable and not ...ME! at least.
  13. I thought it was obvious that this was what she's doing. I agree with you, though - it's a total course correction, but it's also... not ~the sound~ right now. It'll be interesting to see how this does. I'm sure the album will be good - I just hope it isn't as bloated, lightweight & forgettable as Lover.
  14. Being better than PEE!, what a bar to clear.
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  15. We need Gaga to swoop in on this thread and throw someone in the air so we can all get along and dance in Popjustica.
  16. I listened to the leak like, twice on release day so I’m kinda enjoying this a lot! It’s fun! There have been too many examples to mention of the girlies releasing shit lead singles but decent albums so I’m not stressed on that front.

    I’ve not watched the video yet.
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  17. Posted it earlier but

  18. Ok but hear me out. I'm mainly talking about her vocals on the record. Her voice on songs like Sinner's Prayer, Come to Mama...sounded noticeably deeper and more gravelly, her higher register didn't sound quite as strong and powerful, etc. On A Star Is Born of course, her vocals were MUCH better, but on Joanne they definitely sounded in weaker shape in comparison to:

    She was in absolute TOP form vocally on ARTPOP. I can be a bit of a vocal nerd and it was frustrating to hear her regress a bit from the pristine vocals she gave during ARTPOP.

    (and nn I forgot about those pics, I didn't look closely at them)
  19. All I ever wanted was luuuuuuurv does it for me every time.
  20. Nobody says love like Gaga says love.

    Not even you, RuGhoul.
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