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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Lover, overall as an album, is solid (in my opinion at least). ME!....was not. It was 100% "course correction" gone wrong and overcompensating to the point of making a Nickelodeon anthem (and I hope to God that Taylor learned her lesson there).

    I think a lot of artists, including Gaga, have a similar mentality of releasing a lead single that isn't necessarily the best on the record (albeit Taylor seems to pick the worst for some reason), so I wouldn't worry. Stupid Love isn't ME!.
  2. Reading is good.
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  3. Cant quite decide whether this part or 'look at MAY' is the best part.
  4. So drunk but like crying cause it’s a new Gaga era
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  5. RJF


    Is there a bigger death knell for this song than you liking it
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  6. Announce the dates Gagatica.
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  7. i am ready to stan whatever this era will bring

  8. Literally just talking vocals here. All of the other shit aside, it was pretty clear Gaga was working hard on her voice around that time...she was belting higher notes than she ever had (consistent F#5s in Do What U Want, which she had never done before, the chorus of Applause was more vocally challenging than any of her other choruses, Gypsy showcased some fantastic resonant belting, etc), she had more resonance and power in her upper range than she ever had beforehand. Of course she was in a bad place and there was awful shit going on behind the scenes, but vocally... she was sounding better than ever. (And of course I'd 100% rather her be happy and in a better space than she was then, but those two things don't need to cancel each other out. Just saying I'm happy she stopped the cigs because it can only help her voice).
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  9. Oh that was really fun. I liked it.
  10. The song is fun! The video wasn't quite what I was expecting from the previews.
  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    She looks really happy.
  12. Me getting a STUPID LOVE tattoo?
  13. What kind of green screen mess of a video is that! They should've gone to an actual desert. If they did you could never tell. Did they really make this on Samsung Galaxy or what's the deal?
  14. Sis I never said this is bad/as bad as ME!, it’s a basic bop at the very most, it just seems beneath her at this stage in her career. I said Lover because Taylor thought she needed to go full on rainbows and sugar and teddy bears after the “edgy and dark” reputation era, and Gaga thinks she needs to bring back “synths!!!” because the Monsters still miss her 2011 music.
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  15. Can we even compare this to ME! That’s such an insult
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  16. I don’t love or hate the song, but I agree it sounds dated. You could tell me this is an Artpop leftover and I would believe it without question. I hate to say it but doesn’t sound like a 2020 single from a pop icon still in her prime. And it’s even more shocking knowing heavyweights like Bloodpop, Tchami, and Max Martin are behind it. Y’all couldn’t have been a little more innovative?

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute and catchy bop and a welcomed change from the Joanne era. But you can do so much better, sis.
  17. Maybe learn to read
  18. I think the video is fine. The tacky, low budget 90s (70s?) scifi aesthetic looks completely intentional.
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  19. It's a real desert. The video is part of the #ShotOniPhone campaign which means that Apple will run commercials using the video around the world. It did wonders to Selena.

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