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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It's a real desert. The video is part of the #ShotOniPhone campaign which means that Apple will run commercials using the video around the world. It did wonders to Selena.

  2. Fun song and video!
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  3. It's future nostalgia, you see.
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  4. I will say that I really dont like the video. It seems very rushed and below her usual standard. Especially since the helmet obscures her entire face?
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  5. Sis.
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  6. An iPhone actually. Hence why it goes above 480p.

    Justice for Bad Romance.
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  7. The amount of rigging that man is wearing to only wield a device that my weak little hands can hold on their own is a direct parallel to bringing Max Martin onto this track.
  8. Unlike this forum to be negative about a big pop girl’s comeback single...


    It’s a Certified BopTM

  9. It's been upgraded!!
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  10. I don't have Apple Music so I can't listen to that interview... I don't think? I clicked Play and nothing happened.

    But did she really talk about working with Max Martin and say
    “I never worked with him because I was always like, “I write my own music and produced my own stuff and I don’t need to work with max...“ but then I decided to stop being an asshole and meet him”
    Because damn.

    I'm just reading on things people are posting from it on twitter and here so sorry if incorrect.
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  11. Great song, grateful to have her. Goddess of loooove!
  12. Ish!
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  13. RJF


    ...are we just ticking off boxes on the Britney Stan Barrel Scraping Bingo now?
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  14. She really said, “Fuck a brick,” and threw herself at Stonewall, huh?
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The song is....cute? The video is far from her best but nice enough. Eh.
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  16. It’s to keep It steady and not shaky.
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  17. The fact that Tim Cook enabled that mess of a video is a testament as to why we don’t deserve rights.

    PlentyOfFish won.
  18. I may be over exaggerating, cause y’know... it’s a new Gaga era. But that video is a dumpster fire... a colourful dumpster fire... but still very much a dumpster fire.
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  19. Thanks babe.
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  20. I keep thinking of your iconic “happy pop stars don’t make good music” and silently gasping.
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