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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  2. Coming for Samsung when it was literally #shotoniphone to use in their campaign. We love to see mess.
  3. This isn't how I wanted to start my Friday
  4. I kinda love the pro comments and the ones dragging it?

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  6. First time listening the song and... no. I'm sick of this trend of aversion to record a chorus.
  7. Wait I just played this on my car stereo and it slaps a lot harder
  8. I expected more from the video.

    I still love it though. I just wanted MOAR.
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  9. My biggest problem with the video is how cheap it all feels.

    Shot on iPhone...we know sis.
  10. RJF


    Is it maybe because, like most “heard it in a car” anecdotes.......... it’s loud?
  11. I thought it was a cute video. I enjoy the song more than I did when I heard the leak that one time. I expected some sort of storyline with the video based off of the teasers (where did the strings go??!!) but it’s colourful and camp, which I don’t mind at all.
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  12. It feels like a video that has an extended version yet to be released of it
  13. What I love about Gaga is that she thinks she can solve hatred by wearing those outfits.
  14. Also kudos to her for casting plus size dancers - WE LOVE INCLUSIVITY, MUTHA!
  15. I expected more but I imagine (hope) she is playing it safe after the huge success of the soundtrack songs. She is probably thinking ‘let’s do a basic bop that won’t alienate the Shallow brigade’. I love the sound of it but it goes nowhere, it feels like it is all chorus. I ADORE Artpop and this doesn’t even come close to anything on that album in the boppery stakes.
  16. Well, shit. I quite like the video.
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  17. I agree that I expected more from the video than "Gaga breaks up a fight". I hoped for the sequel to the birth of a species sci-fi saga of Born This Way but it's nice and colorful I guess.
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  18. Well that is a new take.

  19. BloodPop's been playing too much goddamn pokemans around her ass
  20. The locals will rather watch Charlotte Tilbury hollering Shallow on the London underground than play this song more than once. The fact that you think it's going to appease the same crowd that made ASIB huge is... a take.
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