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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Tell that to a major record label. It’s one thing to release an album digitally a week before physicals, Kanye did it in 2012 with Watch The Throne, but weeks? Unless you’re able to keep up momentum and promote (which she’s not, considering everything is cancelled), then there’s no way that’s working out in her favor. Her streaming numbers aren’t that strong, with or without the predicted uptick.
  2. LPT


    Weren't the Beyonce records digital only initially ?
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  3. Beyoncé is Beyoncé, also her physicals were distributed within days of their digital release. If it were that easy for artists to shift records like that, the industry would have changed a while ago. And it’s a fact that black consumers are more loyal, which is why a lot of hip-hop and R&B releases can get away with not having physicals. Cardi didn’t have her album out on CD or vinyl for a year following its release, but she also had the streaming audience to back it up.
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  4. Hopefully we get an update one way or another about what the plan is and an album cover
  5. In your personal opinion, do you see the album being delayed?
  6. Well, @Tigerlily posted that UMG Brasil is reporting a May 1st date for the physical copies now, so if that’s legit then... yeah. I don’t see them releasing the album without having those physical copies available.
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  7. She wouldn’t do that to us, would she?
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  8. This person reads Popjustice and ATRL then tweets whatever they are reading dd.
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  9. The optics of pushing back these albums when people need the distraction the most... are not cute.
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  10. Could there also be two sides to all the cancellations, pushback etc?

    Surely if Gaga still released she'd have a pretty straight shot to number one because of the playing field being pretty much clear? I think her little monsters are...dedicated enough to break a quarantine.
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  11. You can no longer purchase CDs or Vinyls of it on Amazon. Whether that’s related to their warehouse shutdown or an overall delay on physical copies - who knows.

    May 1st would be a pushback I think we could all face. Especially when there are still new tracks planned to come before then.

    Hopefully we can get some clarity soon.
  12. I see this for Gaga...because it’s Gaga.

    I think Dua will still come thru.
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  13. I mean...she decided to release her makeup line last year instead of launching the Chromatica era which would have had a smooth campaign had it been released last year. Now the album is pushed back to God knows when. May 1st is probably just an early prediction since we dont even know when this virus will dissipate.
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  14. Music is a business is naive to think that a label would take the chance of having one of it’s biggest artist anticipate release not sell what it’s capable of. Gaga doesn’t control when the album is released and to be honest 3 weeks is still a short time frame due to the circumstances.
  15. Thing is, if it's not coming out when it was planned to, then it's pretty much off until at least July/August.
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  16. It depends on the reasons for the pushback though.
    If they want to delay until promo spots are back, yeah that would be the summer, but if they just want suppliers / etc to get to a place where they can cope with the 'new normal' then a few weeks would make all the difference.
  17. Well the date on UMG is May 1st.
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  18. The Covid situation isn't going to be miraculously better come May 1st. It will be a lot worse. So delaying it (the entire album release) until May 1st is completely pointless. It might as well be delayed indefinitely (and just given no release date until they are confident they find a date they can stick with.) If it's delayed due to Covid, we wouldn't see the album until I would say July or August at the earliest when things may have calmed down. In this current climate for the next few months it's only going to become worse, therefore delaying it any further is only going to hurt the album as more of the world goes into lockdown.
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  19. I've messaged Dua's UK store yesterday and they said there's no changes with the album release date.
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