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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Yes
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  2. I'm not a fan of how that sample sounds... I liked the music in the Haus Labs ad and I hope the full thing resembles that electronic sound more than the Bowie/Fame funk.
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  3. Babylon sounds like a stomper. Battle for ya lives loves

  4. Babylon will be that song.

    It is like Madonna's Vogue meets Blondie's Rapture. A bop.
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  5. It's kinda already stuck in my head. I-
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  6. Same. I also went back to listen to the Haus Labs clip and it sounds lit.
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  7. I hope they don't delay the album, just on the basis that it could leak anyway.
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  8. It sounds shit, like a parody. I hope it‘s been reworked totally dddd.
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  9. By the way, she already sampled Bowie's "Fame" back in 2006(!) on this... unique song:

    Vote in her unreleased rate, where"Fancy Pants" appears!
  10. Because of the leak length and quality it's very difficult to judge the track in my opinion...

    Anyway, there's a sort of podcast from Paper magazine from the journalist who wrote Gaga article. I don't have the time to listen to it now, but if anybody is interested...
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  11. That's also what bugged me about it. Though I think this makes better use of it so far. Was it ever confirmed that Lady Starlight was the lead and Gaga was just the background hook?
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  12. Stupid Love has grown on me MASSIVELY this past week. Actually really hyped for the album now.
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  13. Lady Starlight hadn't even met her when the song was written. Gaga just distorts her voice to the point it doesn't even sound like her.
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  14. Can she revive the Haus Editorials while we’re all stuck at home please?
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  15. “Babylon” is giving me more Glitter and Let’s Dance than “Vogue.”
  16. Okay I am really bored. Bare with- but I was thinking of my point on here earlier that Enigma speeches are considered "cringe" yet the Monster Ball dialogue is not.

    So I played that Babylon leak for my sister (16 year old, doesn't stan necessarily but has been to multiple of her tours- even front row, as my guest, and listens to relentless Gaga updates from me for as long as she can remember life) kinda laughing at it expecting she would think the lyrics are dumb. She started to reference Dance In The Dark "Silicone, saline," Venus "serve Pluto" and mentioned this is what she expected from Gaga.

    Its interesting that some people think this is a "self-parody" when to the "gee pee" this is maybe exactly what they expect/want from Gaga?? Our perception of Gaga is so different to the public. nine, give it up for day nine!
  17. Aren't these basically the same thing? The reason it verges on self parody is because it's exactly what'd you expect from her 10 years ago. If a gay guy were sitting at home with a dance beat and wanted to upload it to youtube and pass it off as "Gaga's Brand New Single!!!" isn't "strut! serve! battle for your life Babylon!" exactly what he'd autotune on top of it? Well "ba ba ba babylon" probably.

    When people here would talk about Pink's latest angry pop rock anthem starting to sound like she was parodying herself it was because it was exactly what you expect from her.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. It's possible perhaps that that's just who she is, no matter which direction she grows as an artist. Saying it sounds like something she would do 10 years ago isn't wrong, but it's also not an artistic death sentence from where I'm sitting. She's strongly in touch with camp, she's always a bit tongue-in-cheek (even on Joanne), and no matter what stage of her artistry she's in she's always going to manifest that in some way.

    Babylon sounds hilarious, I'm here for it.
  20. Or, it’s just Gaga being Gaga? Fans didn’t like Stupid Love because it was faceless. Now that she serves something up more “Gaga”, it’s self-parody?
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