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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. This post is dark sided.

    Stream “Physical” for spiritual protection

  2. The lack of taste. Begone.

    Stream Ms Lipa's new song:
  3. It’s neither cute, nor endearing, that you think it’s acceptable to tear down one female artist to hype another up.

    And it’s also embarrassingly out of touch for you to refer to Dua as ‘of the moment’ - when people could easily say the same about Gaga between 2008 - 2010.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Mind blowing fact: You can actually appreciate both artists, even though Dua has a perfectly executed album campaign and Gaga has a train wreck campaign.

    This thread is going on repeat right now so maybe it’s better to just lock it?
  6. RJF


    Me in January, correct all along.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. This sounds like hell.
  10. I love Dua's output this time and I'm fully plucked, pressed and jealous that it's so much better than Gaga so far, I'll be first to admit. I know Gaga's campaign barely started but as of now the only thing I'm confident on being amazing is the album itself. The rest... we're gonna have to wait and see. If the music video for the Ari collab isn't huge and elaborate I'll lose all hope for the visual side of things. I need multiple set-ups, multiple outfits, and VFX that isn't just crystal mountains in the distance that disappear in every other shot.

    The high concept Physical video is the kind of thing I expect from Stefani, but then again the video for Don't Start Now kind of sucked dd
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  11. Wasn't the Stupid Love video shot on location?
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  12. Oh, I'm talking about the sparkling holographic mountains, not the real mountains.
  13. There were both?
  14. RJF


    Are you telling me that the video for “Stupid Love” didn’t beg multiple rewatches so you caught every detail?
  15. And yet it still looked like it was all in front of a green screen nn.
  16. Whens Krakatoa coming out I been waiting 137 years
  17. I‘ve watched the video 2 times.
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  18. Once we have eradicated all disease, war and famine. So a few months....

    Keep the faith for ChroMAYtica....maybe ChroJUNEtica.
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  19. So much negativity. Make sure to stream Future Nostalgia on 27th to get rid of bad energies surrounding ya
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  20. I think that even when this does finally drop, it’s all sort of been soured anyways. Rather than this being the healing dance album for people in pain as it was advertised, the result can never be that considering it was pushed into uncertain status for any number of reasons, none of which are particularly compelling.

    It all feels hugely at odds with both her message in general and the message for the album, which is probably why it’s so disappointing. It feels against character but then also entirely fitting of where she’s at now, which is the crux of my issue with it and her in a wider context lately. It’s... demoralising to see somebody you’ve effectively grown up alongside start to do things you wouldn’t have expected of them (something not confined to her pushing the album).

    Although I’ll probably enjoy the music as much as the next person, the bitter taste of how this was handled will still be present whenever this does appear and probably long after. And if it limps out to an underwhelming commercial response - was it all worth it?
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