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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I know ATRL is a dodgy source but a lot of stuff coming from there actually pulls off so I’ll take it.

    It definitely provides more correct info than this forum.
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  2. Well in that case, bye punk-in!
  3. That’s because people here don’t hack artists
  4. But when will she announce the announcement?
  5. Also most true tea can’t be revealed without people getting told off or even losing their jobs. When someone says hey “this is happening but it’s embargoed till the 25th” you can’t exactly go around spilling esp here where people are also sharing their socials accounts or real names.
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  6. RJF


    Meh, I would be surprised. I think these things are pleasant little detours for most artists. The clown paint endeavour was at least something different; I think Gaga's in the same boat as all the other turn of the decade Big Pop Girls where she absolutely despises the promo rat race of an album campaign. At least talking about eyeshadow is different to being on your eighth phone interview of the day with the tacky breakfast hosts of LOLKII 106.5 asking you about Bradley Cooper.
  7. I had a dream she reworked Pyromania by Cascada but instead the word was Chromatica. It wouldn't shock me tbh seeing as Tulisa has a writing credit.
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  8. Imagine if Stupid Love was that good though.
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  9. #7 is basically this 1982 underground classic:
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  10. It's pretty much this one by Gesaffelstein, too.

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  11. I wonder if she thought about haing her own "We are The World"all star song. Pretty sure she must at least have that considered?
  12. Ehhhhh no thanks
  13. The thought of Gaga getting her own 'Hey You'?

  14. Gaga tagging presidents and all right now for support, can‘t wait for the trump tweet
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  15. Call out Boris and their stupid herd immunity idea
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  16. Something about the chord progression gives me these vibes too.
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  17. Okay but there are worse mid-00s electro bands to take inspiration from than Vitalic. Here for her My Friend Dario


  18. Gaga should get whoever made this fake leak to re-write most of Chromatica real quick before the quarantine push-backs are over.

    Rest in peace to Lina Morgana
    Did I do it? I don't know
    Lina Morgana had to go
  19. Ayesha Erotica deserves more than this...

  20. All better than "Stupid Love".
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