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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Tracklist is yet another thing about this era that really looks fan-made...
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  2. I'm already bopping to Sour Candy.
  3. There can be a 1000 doves in a room...
  4. This is honestly the track I'm most curious about.
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  5. RJF


    Is this what we're all waiting on with bated breath on Friday?
  7. I hope 1000 Doves is her Hey You
  8. Ding ding ding. It’s Burns and Bloodpop, coming 4/30.
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  9. See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you
    Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore
    Don't pretend you're not hungry, I've seen it before
    I've got sour candy baby and so much more
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  10. I hope 911 is as good as this demo fff

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  11. Already got that one with "Angel Down"

  12. RJF


    "Fun Tonight"......................... what in the Pixie Lott hell
  13. Yeah, that's why the 90% of the song titles reminded me of late 00's songs by Madonna.
    I did have to search the lyrics to find out what song it is.
  14. So the chances/feels so good ty dolla $ign and Tulisa report was scrapped? We love to see it.
  15. ...
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  16. Anyway I hope the rumoured May 29th release date turns out to be true
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  17. Sine From Above is already the worst song of the year.
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  18. My display name on Grindr
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  19. The only way Blackpink is going to release music this year is on a delayed Gaga album with no release date... Of course.
  20. Mama performing it at every occasion wasn't enough apparently sksk
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