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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I will gladly die for Dedicated. But I'm taking all of you with me.
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  2. I don't think there's any evidence she has lupus at this point. But with chronic pain/fibromyalgia, the rest still stands somewhat.

    I also STILL think it's misguided to assume that because we haven't seen something publicly, it means she's not working. She didn't announce to us when she shot the Rain On Me video, it's not as though it's her style to let us in on the minutiae of laying the tracks for an album campaign while it's happening.

    I wish it were different and I don't understand the relative silence right now, but that doesn't mean things are stagnant behind-the-scenes.
  3. Late to the party but every time I read one of these takes it sends me into fight or flight mode. Her latest single was shit, Dedicated is a 7/10 on its absolute best day, it's time to stop with the "Even a bad Carly song (for her standards) is still better than most pop music today tee hee (◡‿◡✿)" posts.
  4. RJF


    So when do we get to legitimately question what's going on during this era without getting an avalanche of goalpost-changing excuses thrown at us now that we're *checks watch* over two months into it with a lead single that leaked six weeks in advance, a mortifying shambles of a music video, a MIA popstar, the contents of her hard drive haemorrhaging all over Twitter, a fictional tour, a seven week release date delay, and a full wardrobe of cornea-searing merch to wear in the living room and nowhere else? The expectations for what can be done during a pandemic are low and even then this campaign isn't managing to clear them. If everyone could please let me know what water line is for finally saying, "Okay, they've fucked up a bit." I would be deeply grateful. You know, just so I'm not *checks back to last sub-post* dunking on her unfairly.
  5. Things seem to be getting a bit heated. Let's all cool off and stream this soon to be classic.
  6. She has not disclosed her diagnosis since 2010, but she was borderline positive then. Chances are she does have it. The speed at which she was rushed into isolation before any official lockdown order was made and how her entire team and family aren’t around more or less confirms to me that she’s high enough risk that they aren’t allowing her near anyone beyond the people she already lives with. Thankfully testing is now available in California, and I assume she and the rest of her core team will be free to work beyond conference calls once they’re all cleared.

    She does have pre-taped content like interviews filmed. We saw part of one a few days back for Vanity Fair Italy, but I’m guessing they’ll be posting the rest either next week or the week after when the album is out. Sounds like they were primarily International outlets.
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    I don't think most of us feel she truly doesn't care or that there aren't justifications for taking a minute to handle frustrations during this time. There's a mold for fanbases to adopt a "never satisfied" type mentality, and Gaga has dealt with it especially. But.. I don't really think this is it. There's really just not much content or contact. There was a gigantic sigh of relief as soon as we got the ball rolling with an actual release date and roll out, but posting graphics on instagram every two days doesn't stop the era from feeling absent.
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  8. Ugh. I regret that my comment gave you the confidence to post this shite. Calling someone whose work ethic caused a near career-ending injury "lazy" just doesn't make sense.

    "Dua laid the blueprints - all she had to do was mimic that."
    Thankfully this is how you ended your post because I would've stopped there had it been at the beginning.
  9. Agreed, and that's the part I don't really understand. What we have seen publicly is kind of... nothing. A jockstrap and some sweatpants. It's very quiet and @Drew 's post hit the nail on the head.

    If following Allie X has taught me anything, it's that great music can be hidden behind terrible promotion and long periods of radio silence, which is maybe why I'm not phased by the rollout since the January leak. But I usually expect more from Gaga.
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  10. New merch soon

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  11. The tea must've scalded your paper thin skin.
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    When you realise that Dua Lipa said, "Don't start now." and Lady Gaga said, "lol ok"

  14. I’m glad that after getting sidetracked by the random Carly Rae comparisons this morning that we’ve circled back to our originally scheduled programming of Dua stanning.
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    When you realize Katy's dropping Friday so that'll be the next new comparison..

  16. Right, and had Gaga mimicked Dua, the lot of you surely wouldn't have posted about how sad it is for someone of Gaga's stature to copy a newer artist.
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  17. She can 100% get things sent to her. Lots of tv hosts have had equipment and whatnot sent to them. She, presumably, had equipment sent to her to do the together at home livestream.

    Like put on a cute outfit and do an at home impromptu Chromatica photoshoot... Sit in front of that piano and belt out a Chromatica song on livestream or do a Q&A, hell, Tweet/Instagram Story post daily about the making of the album or photos from when it was being worked on. There's lots she can do. I hope she gets Rain On Me out and does things like this after, and when the album is out too.
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    I don't really think the comparison to Dua is all that necessary, but I will say what people were pointing out about Dua was her adaptability to promoting during lockdown. Promotional strategies like hers aren't really copying or taking something from a new artist. No one would complain.
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  19. The fact that Charli announced, recorded, and will release an album before Gaga even hints at a second single

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