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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. When it debuts at #1 giving Ariana a record-breaking, history-making fourth #1 debut and Gaga a #1 for the second year in a row, effectively putting her on top of all of her peers.

    The way Scooter and Bobby better be perched and ready. They better fire up the jockstrap and panty-making machines because we're gonna need a bunch more.

    What ever it debuts at will most likely be its peak and then it'll probably drop like a rock... but if it debuts at #1 then it will have done its job.
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  3. ^Thank you.
  4. It will have a good chance of a better peak on second week with the album being released. Or at least not fall like a rock.

    I'm very excited, I really love Stupid Love and the Rain on Me snippet sounds very very good. I'm a sucker for this eurodance sound.
  5. The dumbass Lovatics under this tweet talking about how it "sounds like a country song" and calling Gaga an old woman...das whürms
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  6. They vocals they're serving in that small clip alone has me already gluing down my wig because I know it's going to fly off when this thing comes out.
    I want to hear what the rest of the song sounds like so bad.
    Not to mention the music video.
    Thursday night i'm going to be bouncing off the walls.


  8. Good point, though I feel this is meant to help the album more than the other way around. Who knows, maybe it'll click with people and it'll have longevity. Either way, a high debut is guaranteed and looks good optics-wise.
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  9. RMK


    The Hot 100 is actually weakening just in time for this - 6ix9ine is the only competition but with the inevitable vinyl editions and video hype the debut is our best shot.
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  10. Have I been dragging her this entire era? Yes. Have I listened to the Rain On Me snippet 50 times and will be switching like a [redacted] on Friday? Yes.
  11. Less than 11 days away from the album of the millennium.
  12. Yeah, I feel with him it may be another instance of low sales and no radio play but high streams. Gaga and Ariana could essentially have high sales, high radio play (with a deal), and good streaming.
  13. Gaga could definitely pull something like this off to bring the world of Chromatica alive...

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  14. Ok that snippet has me hyped! Bring on the rain
  15. Gaga using technology to be creative and innovative with minimal people to help her?
    You're asking a lot from 2020 Gaga. Get 2009 Gaga on the phone.

    Joking aside, i'd LOVE this and it'd be ridiculous if we don't get an Ari & Gaga performance... Their schedules are obviously pretty clear.
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  16. The part that they sing together. Wow. It’s stuck in my head. I don’t know about charts but this is coming for a #1 on my Apple Music account.
  17. But will she?
  18. Let me have a morsel of misplaced hope
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  19. I can't wait for friday, I need the gayfest that Rain On Me will be in ours lives... The snippet sounds massive
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  20. RMK


    I'm not even expecting more than one video interview album release week. Maybe two or three about the makeup, but none regarding the album.
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