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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RJF


    Also, let's really not start pointing fingers at well made CGI videos like "ME!" and "God is a woman" when Gaga's last video had giant crystal stalagmites appearing and disappearing between shots and this spectacular use of real physical effects.

  2. It is not. It is CGI.
    Well I really wish I didn’t have to pull the Liberty X - X video card
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  3. Well I am. It’s awful on every level. I’ve seen a good Dave Meyers video – several, actually. That was not it.
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  4. RJF


  5. And don’t forget “No Tears”
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    If anything, I'd have loved if Gaga went on a Bjork route for this era and leaned whole-heartedly into the alien worldbuilding behind this with CGI videos.

    The cheap nineties TV show feel also has a ton of potential that's come out supremely well in the era's static visuals, but the Stupid Love video was just cold on that front, so if they're leaning further into tackiness and utter camp, I really really hope that she fully leans into it for the rest of the visuals. Stupid Love felt terrible to me in large part because it touched upon this stuff but left it out largely in favour of a quick title card and static choreo scenes with some of the most frantic, awkward choreography she's had in a while.
  7. The real african bush tea is that Lardy Gungan hasn't had a truly OPULENT, pro-fesh-o-NAL lerking, EVENT music video since... *check notes* Born This Way? I said I FELT. The rest all hit hodgepodge to these sensory organs, honestly. B-b-but John Wayne! Not really no. Judas! Female laughter. It's probably because Stefani began insisting on thrusting her art school sausages into the pie constantly, which, yay... feminism... .... but she did truly feel like the successor to those big MTV artists for a minute videographically, and now? Well. She has been completely eclipsed by all and sundry, despite once arguably serving the gooprint. (Your beaten, pavlovian acceptance of medocrity notwithstanding.)

    Not to summon IT back to this thread when it's only just gone on its lunch break, but the sheen of expense, creativity, and ease on Dour Leaper's latest, even though the concepts it contains are very simple, hasn't coated the likes of a gorgon video in years. Decades! I mean, whither the dodgy composition? The glut of clashing concepts? The grievous bodily editing? The reflexive clenching on my part? That's sad huh! For Gaga it does feel like the product of intent rather than necessity, but it is annoying. Like, grab a KPOP director or something. Surrender. Let the professionals handle it for once. T'aint that hard, surely.

    I mean, I would like to end this by saying that I really do admire gaga and her house's efforts at creative independence over the years... but... they haven't given me no reason!
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  8. Yes, I’ve been dreaming of this. I actually think the “Utopia” video is mostly a built set and reliant on lighting? (Edit: Yes, just found some shots)


    It’s exactly what I wanted for “Stupid Love” instead of her playing in the dirt on location.
  9. The way the Stupid Love video doesn’t include a single clear shot of her face. Was she embarrassed? I mean she’s right to be bashful but damn, I feel shut out as a viewer.
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  10. to watch the ME! video.
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  11. *weeps in Edge of Glory* which yes, I know, Joseph Khan is a major asshole and he disrespected Clarence Clemons but that song deserved better.
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  12. I don’t agree that she hasn’t had a good, honest to god pop video since “Born This Way” but taste is subjective!

    Gaga works with some of the best people in the business on her sets and behind the scenes, but just like everything else in her career, it’s not going to matter if she hires some KPOP director or Francis Lawrence or Joseph Kahn when, at the end of the day, she’s still taking their work home on her MacBook Pro to edit it herself. That’s an aspect I do wish she’d relinquish control over, but she’s far too narcissistic. It’s the reason she films music videos or concerts or documentaries and doesn’t release them (or completely guts them – hello, “Million Reasons”) simply because she doesn’t like the emotion in her eyes.

    Part of me wonders if part of why she doesn’t actually work with as many ~directors~ and sticks with her group of friends or lesser known directors is because everyone knows she’s a little bit difficult to work with. She had a similar rep in fashion up until recently.
  13. Applause and Perfect Illusion were wonderful videos that complemented their respective songs beautifully. Yes, they weren't what comes to mind when you think of a glossy, high budget pop video but they did the job.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Are we forgetting this on purpose or

    One of her all time best.
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  15. I’d also throw “GUY” in there and, yes, even “John Wayne”. And all the Born This Way videos were pretty great as well. Yeah, they leaned heavily into that art house over POP, but that was the vibe, so points for consistency. It’s more spotty recently with “Million Reasons” and “Stupid Love” in the picture, but not nearly as bad as some make it out to be.
  16. Wait
  17. I only wish she was on the same level as Róisín Murphy is when it comes to directing her own music videos. Cuz miss Murphy is slaying this game.
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  18. I didn't mean to imply those videos aren't good, or fit for purpose. They achieve what they aim for--in a hodgepodge manner. She is a hodgepodge videographer and that is her field.
  19. And honeslty, I’m kinda tired of almost every video being choreography based (specially when the choreography... isn’t good).
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  20. She is a hodgepodge everything; even musician. Her best work has a frantic quality, like reality can't keep up with her creativity and that is part of her charm.

    I'm not arguing, I also wish she collaborated more fully and allowed someone else's vision to shine sometimes (Madonna is excellent at that). But it is what it is I suppose.
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