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Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Not listened to the album yet but this photoshoot for it has been one of my favourites. Great shots
  2. This is hands down her gayest album overall, but Babylon is on another level
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  3. Could've fooled me!
    Followed by a whole-ass paragraph of conjecture about Bloodpop...manipulating her into recording the songs??
  4. Reading Chromatica's reactions, critiques and homo-seasoning of glitter and splatter of arguments on this thread for the past hour and a half:

    Talk it out, babble on, and battle for your life, gays.

    *Gossip! Gossip!*
  5. Also, one of the (few) strong points of the production is that it BUMPS and has proper bass, is very clean, etc, so it absolutely isn’t an album for cheap speakers at all.
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  6. She felt forced to do something is not the same as she was forced to do something?

    Like, English isn't my first language, but that I know.
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  7. dd

    Yeah I feel like the only songs on ARTPOP that really fit that description are Do What U Want and Swine.

    This album definitely seems to hold it as a cohesive, executed narrative better.
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  8. I really doubt she’s listened to what one stan has said the past five years sis let alone take advice. She (rightly) probably has the fandom on mute.
  9. Oh Sour Candy isn’t very good

  10. I think the Zane Lowe interview especially kinda shut down any claims that she "checked out" or wasn't fully invested in this.
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  11. Wait WHERE is my N Dubz sample!?

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  12. I... do not get Stupid Love's existence within the context of this album. Sure, if she was going for a SAW-inspired late '80s album it would be perfect (which is what I said when it leaked) but in the context of a breezy, 'aughts-inspired Europop set? It's getting weird.

    So that's just one song I've deleted from the tracklisting which isn't bad innings considering this morning I was really concerned by some of the reference being thrown around. I've done some readjustments of my own personal expectations based on what I thought was going to be a grittier, deep house via French Touch offering. The first half of the album is giving me like... Gaga produced by the Bob Sinclair (I think "World Hold On" on the Chromatica playlist was probably one of the most accurate referencepoints) . This set is less "100% Pure Love" and more "Destination Calabria". It's less "Disremembrance" and more "Perfection"/"You Won't Forget About Me"All Around the World-era Dannii.

    Now, the interludes... I really don't need them. It sounds like stock string music. It's whatever. RJF was right in that they are just there to make the album seem like a more cobbled together concept within this whole "Chromatica" world or whatever. Which leads me to the Chromatica concept in general/the visual direction... the thing with the visuals of this album is her art team have actually fulfilled the brief very well. Like, if it were a different album it'd be perfect. But I just don't get the visual concept for this particular album. This should have been a Light Years-following-Impossible Princess moment. Just give us some pretty beauty shots on the beach and make it 'weird/Gaga' with some high fashion/props. Call it your dance awakening and talk about how the dance floor saved your life. Blah blah blah. It's basically what she's been saying anyway, just keep the Hot Topic outfits and Born This Way: 10th Anniversary Residency aesthetics. I understand something that understated makes it difficult to sell branded wellies and jockstraps though, and since she went 'stripped back' for the last era I get the temptation to give full high drama this go around. I just think within the timeline narrative of her career, I personally would have gone in a different direction.

    All in all, I like the album. Half of Artpop is probably my most revisited Gaga album (though not necessarily my favourite/her best), and this has less duds already on first listen so I see no reason really to rank it as her worst or a particularly bad album. I'm not saying it's great or anything to really shout from the rooftops about. That's where I would rank it alongside Artpop and The Fame as albums filled with cute, boppable ditties with two or three great moments. Born This Way and Joanne are God tier Gaga albums that this just doesn't hold a candle to... but that's okay. I don't for a second believe she was trying to make a career defining album with this. She did what she thought she had to do and I doubt we'll get an album this gay from her for in a long, long time. Like, this album is currency to her... she's going to be churning out jazz albums and soundtracks for the next twenty years and she can just gesture towards the gates of Chromatica any time a Little Monster complains about it:

  13. '911' sounds eerily like something Nakata would have done 15 years ago to me (his 'Kimi ni Mune Kyun' remix comes to mind)
  14. I would be like “fuck clothes” and call it DICKPOP if I was her.
  15. I hope they use the setup and looks for at least a video. Too good to be just for promo shots.
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  16. FFFF I completely forgot about this. Poor Tulisa
  17. Chromatica III - Sine From Above - 1000 Doves - Babylon.


    Gimme a little Chromatica IV to close it!

    Let's all just appreciate the fun in the album. I am going to shake my tits around the garden in the sun and just breathe it all in!
  18. I think Kelis’ “Fleshtone” would have made a great blueprint for Chromatica to follow. The eurodance sound is cute but a little too lightweight and flimsy on the whole.
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  19. On first listen: Alice, 911, Replay, Sine From Above and Babylon are the ones i connected with. Alice is the one i went most back to and listen to a couple of times...not to start the single run discussion, but i feel it could had serve as a great first single and introduction to the "world of Chromatica".

    Fun Tonight and Plastic Doll are the only two i really didnt care for.
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  20. It sounds like manic depression
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